Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week

Zodiac horoscope

Expect a big change in plans this week. For some this could be a change in circumstances. Life by the end of this week will look and feel very different from what you are anticipating today. You are going to need help. Make sure you ask for what you need, be it financial help or guidance. What you are aiming to do cannot be accomplished alone. Trust your partner as the two of you have the same desires and life goals. Love can bloom if you just allow it to do so on its own terms.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

You are finally in a place where you “fit in”. You belong. It is safe for you to be yourself here. Drop your guard and do what you need to in order to live the life you desire. This is also a week to spend with loved ones and those who give you that sense of home. For some this week is about returning home. Bottom line – be yourself and indulge your core relationships this week. There will be a revival of sorts this week as something that had gone silent will begin to whisper again. A project or a person that you had given up on will show signs of coming back to life. Wait, stand still and watch. Do not jump to make things happy. Instead let things unfold and all you should do is respond appropriately.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

Full speed ahead. This is a week to gun for those big wins. Close that deal, make it happen. Nail that interview or gun for that promotion. A lot will move on the career front this week. Don’t hold back. Give your work goals everything you have. A magical week with the potential to make so much happen. What do you want? Think, get clear about what your heart desires and your mind wants. And then make a wish. Well, make many wishes. A magical week even for your personal life. Love will show up in the most unexpected of ways. Dive into the experience excitedly and avoid letting your fears navigate. Your heart will know the way. Tell the mind to zip it and follow. It’s a good week to take some chances.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Life has its own ways. But those ways will always be aligned to your intentions and willingness. While you may want many things, do you intend to and are you willing to act in alignment? This question will shine the light on those obstacles that you need to work through this week. You may feel a sense of Deja Vu many times this week or you may feel hit by that “in the same spot again” kind of feeling this week. Remember that is the moment you need to consciously make a different choice. Use your stubbornness to your advantage. Instead of stubbornly repeating a reaction, be stubborn enough to respond in a different way. Coincidences will be the norm this week; each a sign, a guiding light helping you navigate your way out of this dark tunnel you’ve been crawling through.

Aries: March 21-April 20


Love is to be experienced and for that you have to learn into your partner. Allow them to love you the way they know how to without dictating terms. Build trust first. Expressing what you need is one thing, expecting it to be given exactly as you see fit is another. Relationships are about discovering, learning about and accepting each other. Do not reject your partner and expect to be accepted as you are. Resolve the fight. This could involve mending ways, accepting certain truths, recognising and letting go of certain faulty expectations as well as forgiving your partner. A relationship is about working together to create something you both want. Controlling things and wanting it to be just your way is an expression of your fears. Use this week to work through your ifs, buts, what ifs and other stories of heartbreak and doom. 

Taurus: April 21–May 21


Progress and prosperity – this week you will enjoy both. Trust that you have now entered a sweet time in your life. Abundance of many kinds will be showered upon you this week. What are you going to do with these opportunities, wins and many happy conclusions? Take time to understand why you are chasing these dreams and goals. What are they supposed to do for you? You are being nudged to go beyond what you think they’ll do for you. Breathe and allow yourself to trust that all is happening for your highest good. Trust yourself enough to live every experience you wish for to the fullest. Life is what you make of it – this is what the Universe wants you to understand this week. Stop waiting for someone else to make you feel things and give yourself that power.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


You are doing it again. Falling for shiny bits on the outside without taking a good look at what is inside. Read the fine print. Understand people’s motives and triggers. You aren’t as wise as you assume you are. You often fail to see the whole picture and take all characters of the story into account. Do things by the book. This includes following up with people and even chasing after a few as is the norm to get your work done. If you stand around expecting everyone to work like you, then you are responsible for your own disappointment. Know that your life is moving in the right direction. However, you have to sail through the choppy waters just as you would when the tides were rolling in your favour. Ask uncomfortable questions and make sure you know the process well.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


You are exactly where you have brought yourself to stand. What is going on in your life is a question you need to answer. Take responsibility for your actions, your choices. Yes, you may have assumed it would pan out differently. However, your reality says otherwise. You need to accept ‘what is’ and improvise instead of wasting time whining about ‘but how’, ‘but why’ and ‘but it should have’. The moment you change your attitude, a lot will change around you too. Life will respond to you accordingly. Things that seemed to have gotten stuck will move and a lot of energy will swirl freely to create a reality close to the picture in your mind. Think constructively, think about damage control, think about tweaking plans and about adapting. You have wasted enough time.

Leo: July 23–August 23


When the stars align magic will happen. Expect to be bedazzled this week. What is that big win you’ve been working towards? It’s all happening this week. You will miss this miracle window if you aren’t clear and committed. There is no room for conditions, ifs and buts. Only those with unwavering faith will experience the victory they’ve worked so hard for. The week is full of moments when you’ll discover treasures. Don’t be surprised if you realise that these shiny objects and powerful opportunities were already in your space if not in your possession. You missed spotting them earlier because your mind was clouded. Overthinking may be the norm, but so is working to break free of it. Normalise making mistakes or things not going as per plan.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Everything is going as per plan now. All you need to do is show up and work hard to ensure everyone is following the plan to the tee. When you need to improvise or change up the blueprint, the Universe will send you clear instructions on what and how. Focus on making the required effort. The results will show almost immediately too. Life is blessed this week. Count them and enjoy each and every blessing wholeheartedly. Breathe. Keep that overbearing sense of responsibility aside. Allow yourself to enjoy your life and let your loved ones follow their own path. Know that everyone is safe and all is working out as per their life’s plans. You cannot mould people as per your definitions of right and wrong. You must accept “what is” and accept people for who they are.

Libra: September 23–October 23


You have not been abandoned. Do not let the current energy of lack write faulty narratives. You are safe and life is good. The opportunities you need are already with you. Put them into action and you will see the abundance flowing towards you. This week will require you to make some choices. Choose from a space of desire and faith. Don’t base your choice on what you want to avoid. Those wondering about finances need to breathe. As you tap into the opportunities, you will see the energy shift and life will give you the abundance you want. The more you tap into your space of peace within, the more you will redirect your inner magnet in the right direction. Attract the magic you wish to experience. Yes, you are that powerful.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Love is on the cards this week. Those who have chosen a partner recently, know that you have chosen well. Enjoy this phase and let the energy mould the equation as is appropriate for your highest good. You can trust this person and their intentions towards you are clear as well as aligned. Don’t struggle to make things happen this week. Instead, enjoy the way things are. You will receive the messages you have been waiting for this week. Go back to your list and set an intention for the responses you’ve been seeking. You have to first take the action only then can you receive a response. This is not a week to take anything for granted. Show up for yourself and life will show up for you.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


This is a week to work with everyone involved. Do not try to do things alone. In being this independent, self-reliant person you have eroded your ability to trust and you are rejecting your own capabilities as well. Creation requires many energies coming together. Always remember this. There is a very specific pattern you need to break free of. Has it been brought to your attention recently? Are there people in your life accusing you of always reacting or behaving a certain way? Listen to them. Look closely at your actions and reactions. Change what needs to be changed instead of allowing your ego to dictate who you are and who you should be seen as. Friends and family often hold up the mirror and it is not something to be taken in a positive way.

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