Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For The Week


There’s something new in the making. It could be your whole life transforming thanks to a new beginning, a new phase. For some it could be a tinier shift, but one that will impact many areas of your everyday life. You are being called to make it happen. It is good for you and every obstacle you are pre-empting can be dealt with. Many conversations will guide you in the right direction this week. So make sure you are listening intently even to those topics that may seem unrelated. All in all this week is vibrant and full of magical signs.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

Co-create – this is your one word for the week. Look to your partners at work, could be a colleague or a boss or a partner if you are an entrepreneur. This week is all about using the collective energy efficiently. We all have our strengths, but our ego often blocks us from pooling in our strengths to build better and move faster. In your personal life, at home, be very clear about why you want what you want. Look at what you have created, what you desire now and what do you need to do in order to realign, to not repeat mistakes of the past. Life can be all that you need and want it to be. You need to believe this and unapologetically say no to things that aren’t aligned and say yes to opportunities that are in sync.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

You are on the right track. You have made some good decisions in the recent past and you must follow through. The way that you are looking at situations and circumstances is aligned to your bigger picture. However, you must complete anything you start. From the smallest task to the larger things that make up our day, do not leave loose ends floating about. You will trip and fall. This, also, means that this is a good week to let go of the past. Quit living in what was and the ‘why’ as well as ‘why me’ of it all. There’s a lot of work to be done. Avoid wasting time mulling over things that aren’t of immediate concern and break the bigger things down to actionable steps in the moment. You are going to be on your feet a lot this week. Wear comfortable shoes. 

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Leap towards life. Make those big plans. They’ll all pan out. Those who are single, put yourself out there this week and if you’ve recently met someone make sure you indulge the connection. Those who are making a work related decision – do it. The Universe has set up a safety net; you are protected. Breathe and do the things you want to. For too long the fear of failure and the need for perfection or structure has dictated your life’s choices. No more. All you need to do is to be flexible. Learn this one skill or mindset and you’ll find that life actually has always been in your favour and continues to be. Instead of doing everything you can to avoid a pitfall, a delay, an obstacle, or discomfort; simply learn to work around them. 

Aries: March 21-April 20


What are you running from or procrastinating about? There is no easier way. You have to make the effort, put in the work irrespective of how much time it will take and how difficult it looks. Is it laziness that makes you unwilling or is it a sense of entitlement? Work through your beliefs for the ego needs to be realigned. Many good things can happen for you this week. But you need to nurture your dreams and goals through action. Only words are not enough. Everything requires effort, including love. You are not getting anything on a platter. Show up and depending on your energy, intention and willingness you’ll receive what is appropriate. You are not being cheated or betrayed. But you don’t get any exemption either.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


Poised to succeed. What have you been working towards? It’s all going to pay off and the limelight will fall on you. Make sure you are dressed for success. Avoid underplaying yourself or underestimating how people see you. There’s showing up in the right light and then there’s smugness or arrogance; but sometimes there’s also the penchant to shy away because you have been told to “be humble”. You can own it and be humble. It’s called “grace” and it comes from not taking any win for granted. Do what you have always done and you will continue to feel the same. But you want to feel something different, right? This week change your impulsive reactions to conscious responses.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Be happy where you are. Be happy with what you have. But most of all be happy with how much you can do. You don’t have to go out of your way for anyone. You are not responsible for others. And if you do choose to show up in a certain way, then do it without expecting anything in return including any acknowledgement or appreciation and definitely not seeking approval. You are seen exactly as you are. Your desires are your only responsibility. Choose to do what you need to unapologetically and build the life you want. This is a week to make things happen. Align your thoughts, words and actions. There are many wins and something you have been dreading to bring up will actually sail through with everyone involved. It’s bigger in your head than in reality.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Do things by the book. Do not cut corners in hope of making things happen faster. The time is already set and it cannot be sped up or delayed. So it would be best if you followed all rules as well as the process that has been laid down by life. Connections you will make this week will not be mere coincidences. There’s a journey of healing and mending to be experienced. Any conflicts you have experienced will be resolved at a steady pace, one that allows for better understanding of each other. Avoid hanging on to what was said; you may be taking things a tad bit too personally and in the wrong light. Seek help where it seems like too much for you. And make sure you are listening to those who have more experience and wisdom than you. 

Leo: July 23–August 23


Another sign that needs to play by the rules this week. Life flows in a certain way. Just follow suit. Don’t overthink it, don’t try to think out of the box. You are doing both because you refuse to accept either the effort you need to make or the time it will take or then both. In the process you keep falling for false promises. There is no easier way. It is what it is. It is exactly how it’s meant to be and nobody is exempted. Embrace the struggle or the need for patience and persistence. It’s also about building up your resilience. Throwing a tantrum or playing victim does not help. You will receive a very strong sign or literally a call spelling things out for you this week. There will be no ambiguity or room for misinterpretation unless you convenient choose to twist the narrative again. 

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Be fair to yourself and others. Has this message been on repeat for a few weeks? Your need for everything to be “just right” is overbearing. There is a way and yes, you have a better way. However, everyone must be given room to make their mistakes. You keep repeating a pattern because you have this belief that you know better and that life has proven you right “every single time’. As true as that may be, everyone must falter and learn as is aligned to their personal journey. You need to stop taking that so personally. Why do you want to be heard or why should someone listen to you? “Because I know better” is not reason enough. This week focus on your motives and you’ll discover a larger purpose or a deeper issue.

Libra: September 23–October 23


Go with the flow. Let things play out for a bit. No decisions need to be taken just yet. Life is spiralling – upwards or downwards is upto you to decide. Yes, you can throw your hands up and sign in exasperation. However, life cannot choose for you; it can only offer you options. For those making decisions that impact your health, follow the protocol. Do the tests, take that second opinion, make an informed choice with the awareness that you will have to embrace a period of healing. Every aspect of your life, be it work related or more on the personal front is kind of in a state of creation. Things are coming to be and you must flow with the changes. Resisting will only cause delays where nothing is etched in stone yet. Stand in faith and park the fears aside for now.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Walk away from the struggle, the fear. For some this is about walking away from something that’s not working or going to work. You can choose to stay but then you don’t get to complain about the strife. Take responsibility for what you are choosing to do. There is a life that looks quite like how you see it in your head. But it’s not easy and you will have to embrace a lot of changes. Transformation is the only way for your dream life to become your real one. What are you willing to go through? This is a question to think about and then answer. This is a week to indulge a parent-child relationship. It could also be about choosing to start a family for some. Whatever you wish to experience in your personal life, this week do the ground work, go the distance.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


Observe every single thing. Watch yourself and watch the people around you. This is a time for understanding things from a different level. This is not a time for intense actions or big decisions. Life is moving as is appropriate for your highest good. A window of magic will open up for you this week. Think about what you want to experience right now. It would be best to think long term desires than diving in for a short term high. Life is in a phase of working it’s magic for you. Allow yourself to dream with faith and not pine from a space of lack. Abundance has been your frequency for a long time. Be happy with what you have and where you are without craving for more first. What does being satiated fee like? Absorb this feeling first.

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