Here’s What Would Happen To You In A Horror Movie Based On Your Zodiac Sign


More than trembling with fear, horror movies have me rolling my eyes at the screen every time a character wants to get out of bed in the middle of the night to inspect the mysterious sound coming from the house across the street. Let’s be real, if you’re going to go investigate the creepy neighbours at witching hour with nothing but a flashlight, how are you expecting any other outcome than getting murdered?

But honestly, as much as I would like to believe that I’m smarter than the characters who make bad decisions in a horror flick, the Libra inside me knows that I’ll be the first to go. Want to know if you’d outsmart the killer or be a victim of the darkness? here’s what your stars have to say:

The Fate Of The Zodiac Signs In A Horror Movie

Aries- The Overconfident Investigator

drain sewer GIF by IT MovieThat curious character who wants to follow the eerie sound coming from the basement that I was talking about earlier, yep, that’s an Aries in action. Your notoriously undaunted personality isn’t afraid to explore the unknown— whether that’s following a creepy stranger down a dark alley or wanting to turn ghostbuster in a haunted house— which may be great for the movie plot but not so swell for your well-being. Maybe saying “watch me” when all the other characters tell you not to do something isn’t the best plan of action after all.

Taurus- The Lone Ranger

on fire burn GIF

Stubborn and unyielding, you’re the unappointed advisor to the group. It is good that you enjoy your own company since you tend to embark on solo adventures when the group dithers on decisions or is not aligned with your well thought-out plans. And while there is a lot to be said about being a strong lone ranger, your obsession with being right is likely to get you into trouble.

Gemini- The Chatty Bestfriend

scary movie lmao GIF

If you are dealing with a serial killer who is willing to lend a patient ear, we suggest you put the Gemini in the group at the forefront. You have the gift of gab and have talked yourself out of the stickiest situations. A social butterfly, your desire to be liked can take over your desire to be alive and that could mean that you could live stream a chase with the serial killer at your heel. While it would make for a great movie, we suggest you put down the phone and be alive for the premiere of this film.

Cancer- The Emotional Mess

Scared Toni Collette GIF by A24

Keep the tissues handy Cancer, you’re going to be a wreck dealing with all the shadows lurking in the darkness. Being a lover, not a fighter, you’re likely to suggest a group hug when faced with a gleaming blade. Your protective nature wants to keep your friends and family safe, but since you’re entirely incapable of handling emotions when overwhelmed, the serial killer is faced with a screaming person who makes the effort to run but also dramatically collapses in a corner sniffling uncontrollably.

Leo- The Heroic Leader

Gun Shoot GIF - Gun Shoot Fire GIFs

You love to put on a show for your audience, Leo. And that means we’re in for a cinematic showdown between you and the killer. With your leadership skills, you’ll be the one with all the motivational monologues in the movie as you encourage the other characters to give it their all when fighting for survival. On the flip side, since you like all the attention on you and hate conforming to the rules, there are high chances that you’ll offer up the rest of the group as a sacrifice in an attempt to save yourself.

Virgo- The One Who Comes Prepared

Resident Evil Film GIF by PBS Digital Studios

Your knowledge is your power, Virgo. Knowing you, you’ve probably researched every possible doomsday scenario and are prepared for anything and everything, even if it means sacrificing yourself to save humanity. You have your emergency kit ready and have all the vital information to defeat the villain. Tbh, you’re like the Hermoine Granger of the group, without whose practical approach and survival strategy, nobody would stand a chance.

Libra- First To Die

scary movie GIF

Libra, honey, sorry but you’re not going to make it till the end. Your sweet disposition may make you the most likeable character in the film, which also means that the writers are sure to get you killed (probably while you save someone else’s life, for that extra emotional impact on the audience). Your people-pleasing personality just doesn’t fit in with the dog-eat-dog vibe of a horror movie, but hey, at least you’ll be remembered by all for your goodness.

Scorpio- The Killer

Scream Billy Loomis GIF - Scream Billy Loomis GIFs

It’s a Scorpio’s movie, everyone else is merely a pawn. Ruled by Pluto which is associated with the subconscious, power, death and rebirth, you’re not afraid to explore and give in to your dark side— finding pleasure in the pain. You’re the one to pull off a major plot twist in the movie when you take off your disguise and reveal that you were the killer all along or the one who secretly teams up with the forces of evil to manipulate and fatally sting all the other characters.

Sagittarius- The Comedian

Say Zombie Ben Goudy GIF - Say Zombie Ben Goudy Carter Grant GIFs

Your adventurous and go-with-the-flow personality adds much-needed comic relief to the script, Sagittarius. You’re the one to wander off into the woods, hitchhike in strangers’ cars, have a face-off with the killer and show up unharmed in the end— that is until you die doing something really stupid and unrelated like getting too drunk and falling into a septic tank.

Capricorn- The One Who Outsmarts The Killer

scary movie piano GIF

Capricorn, you’re too smart to get caught up in the web of a serial killer. Your logical side takes over in stressful situations and you’re likely to turn the tables on the killer with the most well thought-out plan. You must tread with caution though, chances are that your unbound intelligence might just turn you into that eccentric scientist who accidentally triggers the apocalypse in the horror movie sequel.

Aquarius- The Dark Horse

Ponste3 GIF - Ponste3 GIFs

You are likely to pipe in with ideas that seem outlandish to other people. Creative and kind of a genius, in a group that’s facing a gory situation, you’re ignored and misunderstood for suggesting ideas that seem unlikely to work, or worse, cause you to lose another member of the team. But despite the vehement opposition, it is ultimately your ideas that get the group out of the quagmire. The credit remains elusive, but you should recognise your genius. If you do end up biting the dust it’s probably going to be because you volunteered to be abducted in an alien invasion.

Pisces- The One Who Can See Dead People


With your incredible intuition, you sense the presence even before the objects go flying and lights start to flicker. In a horror movie, the Piscean is likely the one to be presenting a tale of caution, much to the chagrin of the people who are just looking to have fun. But it would be smart of the people to listen. While you do have the skill to communicate with the spirit, your inability to recognise good from evil might just get you possessed by a demon.

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