10 Hairstyles To Keep Your Hair Off Your Back This Summer


Ah, summer. The season of sun-kissed skin, ice cream cones, and of course, the eternal struggle of keeping our hair off our sweaty backs. No one likes sweaty strands sticking to our backs. But fear not because we’ve got some extremely easy hairstyles to keep you looking cute and feeling breezy this summer. No hair-induced meltdowns this sundress season. So grab your hair ties, bobby pins, and of course the bows because it’s time to turn up the heat in style!

School Girl Braids

As much as I despised the double braid dress code as an eight year old getting ready for school, I cannot deny it’s revival is extremely adorable. Works for all lengths, textures and also handy for bad hair days.

Simple Twist

A go-to for the days when the sun is feeling way too generous with its rays. Gather your hair into a ponytail and twist it around itself to form a bun on the top of your head. Secure with pretty accessories like the ones in the video and let any shorter strands or bangs frame your face for a playful look.

Ultra Volume Pony Tail

Imagine pony tails, but make it bouncy. This hairdo uses claw clips to hold the base of your pony tail in place so that your hair could be the main character this summer.

Don’t Mess With Me Braid


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Bound to give you an instant snatched face, this do will make you feel like you’ve entered your villain era. Comb up all your hair away from your face into a high pony tail and braid that mane neatly to get the look. Use hair gel to tame any fly aways and if there are any bumps then there’s always the flat comb trick.

Princess Bun

Forget office siren, we’re here for office princess. A quick and easy way to spruce up your work fit. There are probably a million ways to make a bun and this mix of elegance and professional is our current favourite.

Faux French Braid Pony Tail


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I’ll be honest, I’ve never successfully made a French braid. They are pretty but too much effort. I like my hairstyles like I like my desserts, easy to make but amazing none the less. So if you too like a do that’s quick and sweet then this ponytail with the illusion of a French twist is a must-try. All you need is a hair tie and amateur braiding skills.

Braids On Braids


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Jazz up your braids by… adding more braids! Begin by tying your hair in a low pony tail, then section off your hair into braids. Use hair serums and gels to achieve a sleeker look and you’re all set to show the sun who is bringing the real heat this summer season.

Soft Girl Buns


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For the curly girlies who like to experiment, these buns are your next pick. Extremely customisable using your favourite hair accessories, section your hair into the number of buns you want and while pulling the hair out of the band, leave the ends out and let it fall naturally. Pull out a few face framing strands and enjoy the ice popsicles in style.

Claw French Twist

Another one of those French dos giving you trouble? Claw clips to the rescue! An easy DIY twist that could effortlessly be styled for a picnic date or a day out shopping. Claw clips might be a major part of the slowly fading Y2K aesthetic but we are certainly not ready to let them go at least for one more season.

60’s Love


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Summers are a good time to try out new things, or old in this case. Retro styles never fail to impress. Simply tease the crown of your hair for some extra volume, smooth it back into a high pony, and secure with a hair tie. Complete the look with a bold hair scarf or oversized sunglasses for a touch of old-school chic.

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