10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For Daily Motivation & Inspiration


We get it, there are times when you tend to get overwhelmed, feel helpless and alone, especially when you’re stuck indoors. For a lot of us, things may not have gone as per plan and have left us unsettled and demotivated. So how can you make yourself better? For starters, try to engage with social media accounts that spread positivity actively. Trust these Instagram accounts to get you back on track if you’re low on motivation and inspiration.

1. Positively Present 

What do you get when reading an uplifting quote in a colorful creative? A good mood, for sure! And this Instagram handle does the deed.

2. Boss Babe Inc. 

This one is for all the hustlers and entrepreneurs out there. On the days you feel like you’ve lost focus, Boss Babe’s page will help you bring it back.


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3. Ranveer Allabadia

Most of you know Ranveer by his Instagram name, Beer Biceps. From sharing helpful advice on relationships to instilling hope with his daily quotes and sharing tips on fitness, self-improvement, success, and more, you must follow him for everyday inspiration.

4. We The Urban 

In case you need your daily reminders for positive reinforcements, We The Urban has got your back.


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5. Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk 

Sometimes, honesty is what you need to get going when you feel demotivated. Whether it’s his truth bombs, optimism, or how to win in life, Gary Vee can actually make you get up and act on things to make a change in the right direction.


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6. Female Collective 

You deserve to feel empowered every day and every quote on the Female Collective will surely give you that strength.

7. Mel Robbins

Another motivational speaker, Mel Robbins’ words on self-love and success will surely cheer you up.


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8. The Good Quote

Need some mental peace? Make sure you check out The Good Quote.

9. Motivation Mondays

As the name suggests, kickstart your Monday with some much-needed motivation for the whole week.

10. Happsters 

Scrolling through this Instagram account will certainly put a smile on your face.

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