These 5 Indian Influencers Prove That Instagram Isn’t Just For The Twentysomethings

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Who said Instagram is just for the ones young in age? It’s for the ones young at heart. From fashion reels to sexual wellness tips and everything in between, there’s no denying that older influencers are overtaking Gen Z as they redefine societal norms about how older people should look and behave. Here are 5 such Instagram influencers who are sure to inspire you with their engaging content:

1. Seema Anand

Practising narrative, weaving magic— Seema Anand is a breath of fresh air. A Kama Sutra Expert, mythologist, storyteller and author of The Arts of Seduction, she uses her platform for entertainment, education and positive action change. From sex and self-pleasure tips to tantric meditation postures, find it all and more on her Instagram.

2. Susan Thomas


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Leave it to Susan Thomas to give all the fashion students a run for their money. IRS officer and director of NIFT Bengaluru, she the coolest authority figure around (as a NIFT alumnus, I can vouch for that). Susan has come to be known for her content around Indian handlooms, workplace etiquette tips, teacher-student dynamics and often takes fun digs at the NIFT kids in her reels.

3. Aunty Skates


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Oorbee Roy aka Aunty Skates is shattering stereotypes as she posts videos of herself skateboarding in a sari. This mother of two started skateboarding four years ago and has quickly become quite the pro. Want to pick up this hobby too? Find some great beginner tips on her Instagram account to get you started.

4. Mr And Mrs Verma


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Say hello to Mr and Mrs Verma, the most fashionable grandparents in town. At an age when society expects you to wear sombre colours and attend satsangs, this couple is serving lewks and slaying. Their content is sure to bring a smile to your face!

5. Manjri Varde

A painter by profession, Manjri Varde aka SassySaasu is Sameera Reddy’s mother-in-law and is on her way to breaking the stereotypes about saas-bahu relationships in India. She also has her own clothing label Samanjri which features sarees, scarves and skirts with her digital printed art. Manjri uses Sanskrit chants from the Bhagwad Gita or quotes by Rumi and writes them in using a unique font called AumAkshar that she created herself.

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