15 Years Of Gossip Girl: Fashion From The Show That Found A Way Into Our Wardrobes

Gossip Girl

Limiting the reach of Gossip Girl by labelling it just another chick-flicky show is a huge disservice to its many ardent fans. Deep down we’re aware that Emily In Paris & Riverdale are just fleeting distractions, given most of our most of our screen time is still devoted to reruns of Serena & Blair whiling away their time in the Hamptons. Now at age 15, the show is as relevant as it was, if not more, especially on the sartorial grounds.

What we don’t recognize is the monumental impact of Gossip Girl in spawning countless micro-trends, a few of which trickled into the mass consumption market & inevitably, into our wardrobes. So, if you look hard enough, you’ll probably find a few pieces that may enable you to identify as a distant Van Der Woodsen cousin. Swell, right?

Let’s take a look at some of those trends:

Lingerie As Outerwear

Gossip Girl

Corsets, slip dresses & lacy bralettes are far too good to not see the light of the day. And all thanks to Miss Waldorf’s lace & satin explorations back in the aughts, the trend is now mainstream & no more frowned upon.

Nautical Influences

Gossip Girl

Aye aye captain. Sailor collars, striped details & humongous servings of blue – the nautical genome reigned heavy when Upper East side’s it girls stamped their approval on the trend. Surely, it’s been here since the dawn of time, but us seeing every H&M and Forever 21 line dozens of nautical pieces is completely Gossip Girl’s doing.

In My Goth Feelings

Gossip Girl

Jenny Humphrey and her style evolution is one for the history books. Adept at designing her own clothes, her goth transformation was sartorially refreshing. The punk referencing & all black sightings were a much needed palate cleanser, after the loud & colourful juxtaposition of Serena & Blair’s ensembles.

Fall Girl Flex

Gossip Girl

Although the sweltering Indian summers don’t allow for much experimentation with respect to trench coats & knee-high boots, we’ve racked up a couple longline jackets, wool scarves & boots only for the ~vibe.~ Guilty as charged.

Frill & Flounce

Gossip Girl

There’s a thin line between looking like a posh trust fund baby & a court jester. Caveat: Tread carefully, especially when incorporating frill & ruffles. A muted colour palette and toned down styling works best, just like Blair does it.

Plaid Parade

Gossip Girl

Although Gossip Girl was scripted in a school setting, the styling has catapulted its status to a fashion show. But mind you, there was no dearth of school-girl inspired fashion. Plaid skirts were having a moment, & as much as we hated our own uniforms growing up, the pining of wearing a plaid skirt out of school got the best of us.

Posh Peplum Prep

Gossip Girl

Flouncy peplums were all the rage during the years Gossip Girl aired. Aligned with the posh & preppy persona of Blair Waldorf, we witnessed many renditions of the peplum attachment, either on tops, dresses or jackets.

All White Everything

Gossip Girl

Grecian Goddess or Abbas Mastan core? Guess you’ll never know. But we can all admit to dipping our toes in the all-white fanaticism back in the 2010s. It sure entails a magnanimous risk factor, but if done right, prep yourself to sign a detergent campaign.

Go Big Or Go Home

Gossip Girl

The Serena van der Woodsen urge to make an entrance in the most extravagant piece of clothing man has ever laid eyes upon and steal the spotlight is real. Gossip Girl undeniably taught us the power of overdressing – by virtue of which our wardrobes have multiple pieces that rot on the shelf. Guess we all fangirled a little too close to the sun.

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