19 New Menus Across Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi To Treat your Tastebuds This Festive Season


Right after the card parties during the Diwali, are the big matches of the cricket world cup. And right on the heels of that is shaadi season and more. It’s officially the season to celebrate and ring in the good times and of course, step out to do this in style. All the previously beloved spots, in the streets of Mumbai, New Delhi, and other cities across India, have introduced delicious new menus for you to try this November.

1.Nara Thai (Colaba and BKC, Mumbai)

Nara Thai joins hands with the sister-led ice cream brand Bono Boutique ice cream, a collaboration that is anode to both, culinary creativity and women empowerment. They brings to you a limited festive edition Thai-flavoured ice cream range combining cultural richness with modern day innovation. Indulge in ice cream flavours such as Kaffir Lime, Thai Tea and Peanut, Dark Chocolate and Thai Chilli.

Timing – 12 pm onwards

2.Silly (Mumbai)

At Silly Mumbai, you can now indulge in street styled food made to cater various palates. Chef Gaurav Gidwani handcrafts a menu showcasing elevated street styled cuisine. Expect Chicken pizzaiola with beetroot tahini dip and herb pickle pearls, Philly cheese wontons with chilly oil and chilly foam, The Quatro Formagi Funghi Pizza, and much more. Pair these dishes with signature cocktail such as Magical Whisper, Penicillin, Morning Breakfast, and more.

Price – INR 2,500/- approx. 
Timings: 12 pm – 1 am 

3.NAVA (Mumbai)

NAVA is dedicated to redefining European cuisine using local ingredients and flavours. Try their signature dishes such as Pork Bun Maska, Yam Canale, Duck Cones., Pappardelle and Ceramelle and more made with fresh ingredients such as Triphala, Gondhoraj Lebu, Alu & Alu Leaf, Fennel, Suran, Sukat, Karvand, Guava and Kokum that elevate the flavours.

Nava has introduced a cocktail menu that pays tribute to well-known artists, poets, and authors by producing a sensory journey inspired by their lives and works. The new menu allows the guests to indulge in the rich and immersive cultural experience that brings the delectable food and flavourful drinks to them.

Timings: 12 pm – 3:30 pm, 7 pm – 11:30 pm

4. PCO (Mumbai)


Drawing inspiration from the textile mills, which were once in the heart of Mumbai, PCO introduces their new menu drawing strong inspiration from them. Located where once rich and exquisite fabrics of India were woven, PCO’s new menu pays homage to fabrics like Banarasi,Chiffon, Paithani, Hemp, Pashmina, Kalamkari, Kantha, Corduroy, Satin, Muslin Cloth, Raw Silk, Kanchipuram Silk, and Bandhani and introduces 15 new cocktails based on them.



5.Monkey Bar (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata)

The chain of restaurants, Monkey Bar introduces an all new food and drinks menu. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Indian cuisine found across the country, fused with various modern cooking and bar techniques. Their new bar menu includes drinks such as Pom Pom Cola, Rum Cha, Murraba Mule, Hustle Rani these drinks draws their creation from Parsi cola, Cutting chai, Murraba and Madurai tamarind respectively.

Indulge in their fine culinary classics such as Kerala Roast Chicken, Kashmiri Wazwan-style Lahabi Kabab paired with Kashmiri Lavasa bread, taking your taste buds on a journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Their exciting new menu allows you to indulge in various regional foods and their authentic flavours.

6.145 (Outlets Across Mumbai)

The beloved Mumbai cafe chain, 145 cafe and bar brings new dishes to indulge in this festive season. Pick from a large variety of options such as Chilled Soba Noodle Salad, Bhajiya Sliders, Pumpkin Agnolotti and Rocket, Basil Pesto Linguine, and many more to fit a wide range of palates.

Cave in your sweet tooth craving with the Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Sandwich and Japanese Souffle Pancakes.

7.Cafe 49 (Juhu,Mumbai)

You don’t need to travel to Paris to enjoy a croissant, you can do that in the bustling lanes of Juhu, in the quaint cafe near the sea. Cafe 49 presents an eggless croissant menu, sweet, savoury, spicy take your pick. If like me, you have a sweet tooth, the chocolate croissant awaits you. Try a variation of savoury croissants with fillings such as pesto, mushroom cream cheese, cheddar  jalapeno and more.

8.Ekaa (Mumbai)

Miss the olden days where Sundays were spent in a beautiful park with a picnic spread over a red and white mat?  Ekaa at Mumbai comes to the rescue. Let the wave of nostalgia hit you at Ekaa, as Chef Niyati Rao brings to the table the charm of yesteryears with her new picnic inspired Sunday brunch. Feast from the ‘nashta in basket’ before you pick the mains from the picnic tables. Pair them with fine wines curated expertly by Ekaa’s mixologist. Follow it with a masterclass, to curate your own cocktails, with the head mixologist, Jishnu AJ.

Timings: Sunday, 12pm – 4pm 

9.TAO Kitchen (Mumbai, Nagpur, Jaipur)

Watching various K-Dramas leaves me with a craving to try their delicious food – Ramen, Kimchi, Тeokbokki and so much more. Tao kitchen is here – they are launching a specially curated Ramen menu. Take your pick from a variety of Ramen options that tastes everyones tastebuds  – Kimchi, Curry, Creamy Vegan Peanut, Spicy Garlic and Miso. Also try their delectable teokbokki’s – rice cakes prepared in your sauce of choice. Nothing feels better in chilly days then a warm bowl of noodles, add this spot to your to do list.

Price – Starting at INR 749/- 

10.Gadda Da Vida (Mumbai)

Situated by the beaches of Arabian Sea, Gadda Da Vida is the go to spot for an early dinner while enjoying a sunset and slow jazz music. The restaurant has now introduced a vegan menu, with mouthwatering options such as meat free burger, and vegan Thai Kaprow Bowl, etc.  Vegan options for some classic chicken dishes have also been introduced. The menu is inclusive for people with all kind of preferences, and makes an ideal option for your next sundowner.

11.French Apples At Thea (Bandra, Mumbai)

Chef Juliano Rodrigues of Thea introduces a 10 day culinary experience into the world of French apples. Indulge in the taste, the colour, the texture, a complete sensory experience completed with culinary expertise of the chef. Try their  Grilled Mélange of Apples, an apple and avocado toast, a balanced fusion of creamy and crunchy fruits and vegetables spread over a crunchy piece of bread; Sous Vide Chicken Coq Au Vin with apple jus, a mesh of aromas wherein sous vide chicken is bathed in apple jus, capturing the essence of French cooking.

Complete your meal with the decadent Core Stuffed Mirin Poached Apple for dessert, the core of the apple is stuffed with salt caramel coffee sauce, tasting just as good as it looks.

Available from: 9th November to 19th November
Price: INR 2000/- 

12.Bayroute (Outlets Across Mumbai)

The restaurant that serves Middle Eastern cuisine with authentic flavours and excellent fusions celebrates its fifth year with a special anniversary menu. Prepare your palette for Greek, Persian, Turkish and other Mediterranean favours as the menu delves deep into these flavours. Indulge in dishes such as Turkish Baked Jacket Potato, a delicacy prepared with layers of soft and creamy mashed potatoes, steamed umami peas, Russian salad, Egyptian semolina cake served with coconut flakes, and others.

Pair your meal with a traditional Egyptian Karkadeh, a hibiscus tea served with sumac and gin, or a Greek Santorini made with refreshing flavours of orange, strawberry and more. Save their chocolate cheesecake paired with fruit coulis and berry compotes for the end, and indulge in the creamy, sweet and sour dessert.

Available from: 25th October

13.Slink & Bardot (Mumbai)

Drawing inspiration from Mumba’s original inhabitants, the Kolis, Slink and Bardot introduces a cocktail and food menu. Taste of Slink – Koliwada edition allows you to indulge in a 7 course fish thali tasting menu. A culmination of fish, rice, coconut and spices, the fish thali is a must try. For all the seafood lovers, this is a perfect chance to dive in the authentic Maharashtrian flavours. Try their Shrimp Tapioca Crackers, Solkadhi, Bombil Fry, Suka, Puran Poli and more.

The cocktail menu, named “Tales from the Shoreline: A Koliwada Cocktail Journey” takes inspiration from the tradition, customs and the city. Prepare to indulge in delicious cocktails wherein every sip tells its own tale. Try Sunset at Slink, inspired by the picture of sunset that a Mumbaikar views from the shores of Worli, or try the Jujube Sour based on the fermentation process performed by many.

14. Masaledar (Mumbai)

Maseladar introduces a cultural culinary experience, Guj-Raj spice food festival. As the name suggests it is a six course Gujrati and Rajasthani cuisine. Feast upon delicacies such as Surti Undhiyu, Daal Baati Churma, Kathiyawadi Lasaniya Bateka, and Gatte Ki Sabzi. Try the desi dishes with a modern twist such as Rajasthani Tacos, Kutchi Dabeli Sliders, and the Red Velvet Dhoklas. Choose from desserts such as Nutella Ghewar and Custard Apple Shrikhand, quench your thirst with flavourful and refreshing Masala Chaas.

Price – INR 750+
Timing – 1pm to 4 pm 

15.Toast & Tonic (Bengaluru)

Indulge in the perfect balance of texture and flavours at Toast and Tonic, with their brand new menu. Chef Chirag Makwana brings delicacies such as Vegan Chickpea & Zucchini Veloute, a creamy soup that features ingredients such as chickpeas, zucchini and coconut milk; Gobindobhog Arancini – crispy rice balls served on a bed of tomato sofrito topped with mushroom mousse; Kasundhi Baby Prawns with Garlic Toast; Millet Gnocchi with Romesco Sauce, soft gnocchi made of potatoes and millet grain tossed in roasted pepper and tomato sauce and end the meal on a sweet note with Nolen Gur Tres Leches,  a soft vanilla sponge cake drenched in three milk mix drizzled withh nolen gur caramel and pistachios.

All the meals are made with fresh and seasonal ingredients that will satiate your hunger and leave you with delightful memories.

16.Keventers (Across India)

To spread the festive joy, the delightful milkshake joint joins is via their ‘Keventers Karnival’ a special assorted hot chocolates, milkshakes and sundaes. Keventers is set to meet everyone’s preferences and has handpicked various flavour of warm and cool delights perfect to elevate your festive cheer.

Price – starting at INR 149/-

17.Lodha, In House Catering

Lodha, in collaboration with the Michelin Star Chef Pietro Leemann introduces a curated menu at its developments. Featuring some of the chefs signature dishes such as Sun Harbour – an aubergine tartin served with corn and buckwheat biscuits; Brother and Sun, tomato and strawberry gazpacho, Lodha brings forward an expertly made cuisine with a luxurious living experience.

18.NAO – Next Asian Outing (New Delhi)

NAO celebrates its one year anniversary with a new and exciting menu. This asian outlet, serves favourites asian dishes with a fusion. Indulge in Thai Curries, Japanese Katsu & Sushi, Burmese Khow-Suey, Thin Sheet Dimsums & Open Faced Baos Asian Chilli Burrata & Thai Avocado Salad Dan Dan Noodles, Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean Fried Chicken and many more. The extensive food menu caters to all while allowing the guests to explore asian liqueur options such as Soju Shots, Soju Sangria, Kaffir Lime Infused Vodka & Yuzu-based Gin with Aperol.

For its first anniversary they delve deeper into their love for Korean food with dishes such as Crispy Korean Cauliflower, Veg Gyozas, Vegetarian Nasi Goreng, Wok Fried String Beans, Sweet Potato Roll & Fries. With its exciting comfort food options, exciting new menu and a beautiful blend of modern interiors with Asian accents, it is worth a visit for your next celebration.

19.Julliette (Mumbai)

From fluffy pancakes to Tunisian chicken kebabs to juicy steak with fresh farm eggs, indulge in the taste of Europe at Juliette Ristorante Bar. From the loved classics to innovative additions, Juliette is your  European cuisine getaway,

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