Planning Your Wedding? Add These 8 Indian Photographers To Your Radar


Remember when back in the ’80s and the ’90s, wedding photography was all about the extra theatrics? Who can forget the couples awkwardly posing in the most dramatic way and the videographer zooming in on all the guests as they stuffed their faces? Thankfully, that has changed and wedding photography has become all about capturing the tender moments that become memories. If you’re prepping for your big day and are looking for a photographer that doesn’t make your wedding look like it’s staged, we’ve got you covered. Scroll below and bookmark the photographer that best suits your ideal vision.

1. Bugs & Co


Not a fan of fake candids? Trust Bugs & Co seize the real smiles and laughter behind their lens.

2. Rhythmic Focus 


If you want to encapsulate the magic moments between you and your partner (with the gorgeous golden hour as a backdrop) Mumbai-based Rhythmic Focus is for you.

3. Light Bucket Productions 


It’s all about the little details and Light Bucket Productions knows how to bring those details to life.

4. Artfoto Studios


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Find photographers who manage to capture the real deal even amidst the chaos. This B&W portrait by Arfoto Studios sets a great example for the same.

5. Hitched & Clicked 


Colours so bright they make your images come to life. Hitched & Clicked are known for filling the frame with a natural vibrancy that will instantly give your pictures a happy upgrade.

6. Sutej Pannu 


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Mood shots that almost look like stills from your favourite period film? Yes, please! If vintage and nuanced aesthetic is your vibe, Sutej Pannu is the ideal choice for you.

7. Shutterdown Photography  


Fun and light moments that showcase your relationship for exactly what it is – Shutterdown Photography will bring out the real energy you share through their frames.

8. Memoirs Photography 


The best part about shooting weddings is that there is always more than one element to play up with. If you wish to include all the shenanigans of your beautiful union, Memoirs Photography will deliver on this promise.

- Junior Digital Editor


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