4 Celebrity Hairstylists Let Us In On Their Festive Favourites


If there’s one thing I love more than seeing the streets twinkle during the festive season, it’s getting all dolled up to celebrate. While I might not experiment with my makeup or hairstyle throughout the year, this is the season I feel ready to wear that bold lip and try a textured bun. And if you, like me, are ready to shake things up, you’re in luck!

I conversed with renowned hairstylists who craft the looks of the stars–Yianna Tsapatori, Aanchal Morwani, Savio John Pereira and Sanky Evrus–to know their favourite festive hairstyles. So, from vintage waves to modern updos, here’s something for you to try:

Yianni Tsapatori

Having dolled up the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, Yianni is the mane man of Bollywood. He is a fan of textured buns and the half up, half down hairstyle but upon being asked about his go-to festive hairstyle, he chose open hair with waves.

To recreate this hairstyle, Yianni suggests using a bit of mousse on damp hair and making sure it is applied evenly. Then, dry the hair roughly with a hairdryer and begin curling it in a direction away from the face on both sides. Once you’re done curling the hair, spray it with some texturising spray or hairspray and let it cool down for a better hold.

Tip: You should opt for a thickening spray or a texturising cream over a mousse, especially if you have fine hair. Curling the hair in random directions with give the hair more texture. For a more modern look, don’t curl the end bit of the hair. Also, don’t be afraid to brush them out for those desired loose waves!

Aanchal Morwani

Aanchal Morwani, also known as Hot Hair Balloon on Instagram, is behind Kriti Sanon’s sleek bun, Ananya Pandey’s half updo and Disha Patani’s blown-out locks. Although she loves flat iron waves for this festive season, a textured mid bun with soft pieces of hair left around the face to frame it is her go-to hairstyle.

If you’re looking to try this hairstyle for a long night of dumb charades and cards, Aanchal suggests using a medium-hold mousse for longevity.

Savio John Pereira


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Savio John Pereira has been in the industry since 1997 and has worked with the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta and Kangana Ranaut. Although Savio’s all-time favourite hairstyle is experimenting with different types of braids on straight, wavy or curly hair, he has a few go-to’s for the festive season.

He believes that ‘Vintage Waves’ work well for all occasions, be it a formal event or casual affair. He also says that ‘The Scrunch’ is a fun and playful hairstyle that is making the rounds for big, voluminous hair. Lucky for us, he’s given us the deets on how to achieve the former look:

Begin with blow-drying the hair to create volume and add hair rollers or curl it with large tongs. Let the hair set and then brush the curls out with a large grooming brush. Using a hair mousse, hair spray and serum to finish will make sure your hairstyle stays put all night long!

Sanky Evrus

Sanky Evrus has made a name in the industry by styling the hair of Bhumi Pednekar, Sara Ali Khan and Kiara Advani among others. If you scroll through his Instagram profile, you can see an element of experimentation; true to his username The Mad Hair Scientist. He loves a long, sleek, braided ponytail but his festive favourite is a messy textured mid pony.

To create this hairstyle, Sanky suggests detangling the hair and applying some heat protection to prep it for a curling iron. Start sectioning the hair and use a medium tong at 180-degree heat to create beach waves. Use a texture spray to maintain the texture all over the hair but make sure to not spray too much.

Backcomb the hair at the crown to add volume and gather the entire hair in a pony, using a bungee hair tie to secure it. Loosen a few strands of hair where needed more volume or make it look more messy. Finally, use a finishing spray to add some extra hold and shine.

Tip: You can keep the pony high, mid or low, depending on your personality and face shape.  You can also cover the hair tie by wrapping a thick hair strand around it. This will make the hairstyle look more polished.

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