4 Times Sandra Bullock’s Films Came With A Message On Feminism


Even as a lead in romcoms, Sandra Bullock is never a ‘giddy in love’ kind of girl. She is always chasing a purpose, a career or fighting capitalism and saving the environment. Picking a favourite Sandy B movie is not easy, especially when all her best films have women in the driver’s seat. Let’s recollect her top 5 movies that served serious lessons on feminism for the ladies.

1. Miss Congeniality

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Sandra plays Grace Hart, an undercover FBI agent who poses as a contestant on the Miss America beauty pageant. Through the hilarious training period, she manages to change the rigid beauty standards by being her cool unabashed self. While all the other women in the contest are graceful and poised, Sandra wins everyone over with her tomboy antics. In the end, she not only manages to catch the bad guys, but she also wins the first runner-up and Miss Congeniality title along the way.  Case in point: you can be equally beautiful and badass without confirming to anyone’s idea of femininity.

2. Two Weeks Notice 


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For this romantic comedy, Sandra paired up with the 2000’s heartthrob Hugh Grant. She portrayed Lucy Kelson, an environmental lawyer who does pro-bono cases in New York City. During the process of preserving a landmark, she runs into Grant, a narcissistic billionaire, who offers her a job by promising to save the land she’s fighting for. After working for him, she realises she’s dealing with more than what she bargained for and puts down her two weeks notice. It is at that time they fall for each other, but that doesn’t stop Sandra from saving the building and holding the boss/ love of her life accountable.

3. The Blind Slide 

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A movie that rightfully won Sandra her first-ever Oscar! This film is an emotional roller-coaster, but Sandra carries it on her shoulder like a true star. She played Leigh Anne, a rich white and wealthy woman who has the perfect family and position in society. It all shifts when she brings a new member home: 17-year-old Big Mike comes from the underbelly of the same society she’s a part of and has been a victim of his mother’s addiction. She shelters him, makes him a part of her family and nurtures his secret gift in the field of football. In the beginning, she’s just helping a kid, but as the movie progresses, you see her transition into this mama bear who protects her mighty looking son from everything and everyone. Breaking away from societal norms, she re-writes the rules according to what she feels is right, painting the stereotypical image of wealthy wives in a different light.

4. The Proposal 

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Against the threat of being deported to Canada from America, Margaret Tate (Sandra), a powerful editor, fakes an engagement with her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). Reputed for being a nightmare of a boss, Andrew leverages the situation to get a promotion. What begins as a scam engagement turns out to be an epic love story. Sandra as a tough boss and even tougher fiance, is a treat to watch. For once, it’s fun to watch the woman call the shots and the male lead playing the side-kick. As a bonus, you also get to see Sandra going down on one knee for the actual proposal and taking matters into her own hands. Girls, take notes!

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