From Purple To Brown, These Unconventional Blush Shades Actually Work


You think ‘blush’ and immediately the mind conjures up images of cutesy pink, peach or coral powder blush compacts. And while we love the healthy flush these impart to the face, why not give an out-of-the-box shade a chance? We suggest getting experimentative and try some blush tones that really push the envelope! Fret not, we’ve got some ideas for you…



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Is orange the new pink? It could just happen! Sure you’ve experimented with coral, but orange blush is where you really begin to push the boundary. The great thing with orange blush is it suits Indian skin tones beautifully, especially those with medium to deeper skin who can opt for a gorgeous sunset hue.

Pro Tip: Celebrity Makeup Artist Avni Rambhia, who works with actors like Samantha Ruth Prabhu says, “Orange blush is a great shade for the summer! For anyone who is slightly warm-toned, it’ll look great and make their skin pop. What you can do to make it more wearable is have a coral-ish blush swept across the cheek and then do a pop of orange over this for it to really stand out.” That’s genius, we think! Avni also suggests that instead of going with a true red lippie, pair orange blush with an orangey-red lipstick like MAC’s Lady Danger for a really good combination.


Red tints are cute and girly and we love them, but have you ever tried red blush?! Pull off a red-hot siren look or go uber-feminine with this one. A red blush can make you look younger and lends the face a certain freshness. The key is choose one that blends out well, or you’ll be left with blotchy, red circles on your cheeks reminiscent of makeup done for school plays.

Pro Tip: Celebrity Makeup Artist Meera Bhandari says, “When it comes to red blushes, these lend the skin a beautiful flushed look.” She suggests using red blush on the apples of the cheeks. “I personally prefer using liquid or cream blusher in red because it’s easier to blend and gives a natural sheer glow to your skin. It’s best applied with a beauty blender in an upward dabbing motion. Also, dab on a bit on the nose for that naturally flushed look,” says Meera, who’s worked with film & TV personalities like Aahana Kumra and Rashami Desai among others.




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No, no, we’re not talking about pale, nude-y blushes and we don’t mean bronzers either! Deeper brown blushes work superbly well with a muted, understated makeup look when you want a hint of colour on your cheeks but don’t want to look overly made up. It works well if you’re going for the clean girl aesthetic, and almost works like a contour, lifting those cheekbones and lending a very sculpted look to the face. We can see how this can become a lazy girl’s go-to blush choice because it cuts down the effort of contouring and then blush application. Simply swipe on a brown blush and boom, you’re done! You want to use a light hand when using brown blush though, to avoid a muddy, I’ve-just-returned-from-a-hike look.

Pro Tip: MUA Meera shares, “When choosing a brown blush, make sure it’s not too shimmery. Always opt for a matte brown blush and preferably in a powder format. Apply from the ear area and gradually come downwards to your cheekbone. You can also make a C-shape from the temple to the cheekbone, this gives a soft bronzed look and makes your face look sculpted and gives definition to your skin.”




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If some years ago you were to ask for a purple blush at a beauty store, they’d probably look at you like you were nuts. But the infamous blush shade is all the rage now, thanks to a TikTok trend that started making waves in late 2021. The good news? Purple blushes in fact, suit Indian skin tones well as most of us tend to have yellow undertones, and purple is therefore complementary to this! Everyone from MAC to Nudestix and Fenty to Rare Beauty, and closer home Indian brands like Daughter Earth, have gorgeous purple blushes to choose from. Psst…if you’re still not sure, start slow by using a slightly paler, more lilac-y blush before you transition to purple.

Pro Tip: MUA Avni shares a trick for using purple blush, “Start with a light, bright pink swept onto the cheek and then add some purple that will pop, or reverse it, where you do the entire cheek with a hint of purple like draping and add a bright pink in the centre.” She suggests pairing it with nude lips to let the blush do the talking or even go all out with a bright pink lipstick to make it more monotone.

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