Sunburnt Blush Is This Summer’s New Beauty Obsession

Blush used to be an afterthought of my makeup routine. However, viral blush trends made me change my mind. Sunburnt blush is a new addition to the viral blush trends this season. I am sure those visuals of sunkissed selfies come to your mind, but we are talking about a practical hack to achieve the look in case you miss the golden hour. Faking the sunburnt look is exactly what it looks like with a natural placement of blush on the face than just on the apples of the cheeks.

Sunburnt Blush And Bronzer


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The sunkissed look refers to the glowing, tanned skin which is achieved using a bronzer. A bronzer adds warmth to the skin to imitate the golden-hour look. Priyanka Chopra and JLo are some celebs that love flaunting the sunkissed look. On the other hand, sunburnt blush gives a flush of colours to the cheeks, the same you get after spending a couple of hours outdoors. Imagine red cheeks and nose from the heat, just fresher and prettier. The sunburnt blush look already has celebrity fans like Hayley Beiber, Addison Rae and Bella Hadid.

How To Pick The Right Sunburnt Blush

When choosing the right blush for your skin, the key is to keep the shade, formulation and pigmentation in mind. First off, determine your skin tone. Light skin tones work well with baby pink and light peach shades. If you have a medium skin tone, opt for rosy pink and apricot shades. And dusky skin tones are complemented by plum and deep rosy shades. Now that you have picked the right colour for your skin tone, formulation comes next. Powder blush would work well to achieve the sunburnt blush look since liquid blush can make it look cakey if you need to build the pigment. Make sure you opt for a pigmented blush in the first place. Use something that is not metallic or shimmery. Try to choose a natural shade to look like the sun hit you in all the right places.

How To Create The Sunburnt Blush Look

For this trend, the application is important. Spread a pigmented blush along your cheeks and nose, distributing the colour equally. Place the colour delicately, and do not layer it mindlessly. The blush application can be generous as long as you are willing to blend it out to make it look natural. Remember that it is always easier to add more blush than to take it away, especially if you are done with your makeup routine. Blush is a makeup product that can also contour your cheekbones, but when applied directly under your eyes, it draws attention toward the centre of the face and makes the cheeks look round. Blending the blush outward in a straight line as compared to an upward-C shape also shortens the face. Sunburnt blush offers a youthful glow, so it appears natural.

Finishing Touches

As sunburnt blush is a trend used to achieve a natural look, keep it minimal with the product. Bronzer and highlighter are optional to jazz it up. Dab the highlighter to the high points of the face, like your cheekbones and temples, or apply bronzer using a fluffy brush on the temples and halfway down the cheeks to complete the look.

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