5 Books For The Cuffing Season That Will Spark Romance And Heat Up Things In The Sheets


The temperatures have started dipping, Mariah Carey has officially re-entered the charts, and your musical wrap has exposed your sad girl phase. This windy weather gets people’s hormones raging with cuffing season blues. Holiday seasons can be quite unpleasant for singles, what with everyone’s social media filled with wedding dumps, cutesy couple pictures in the snow, Christmas shopping, and whatnot making you want to curl up in a blanket and cry in loneliness. But at this year’s end, take matters into your own hands, both physically and mentally. Single folks can take a ride alone under incognito tabs for some extra spark. A sexy read can be a classic escape from your hustling time with very little mental effort.

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There’s no denying that romance on paper comes with zero commitments. You fall in love with an alluring character in a captivating storyline where the author builds a gripping plot. A well-chosen passage from the book or an action done by the main character can linger in your mind for a long time, taking you to a fantasy land. So, dim your room light, turn on the reading lamp, pull up your comforter, and read something from our suggestion below:

1. The Camorra Chronicles Series by Cora Reilly

It’s fair to say that Cora Reilly owns the dark erotic mafia romance genre. She has multiple best-selling books under her belt, but this specific series featuring the Falcone brother’s love life covers most of the fan favourite tropes with one couple at a time. From enemies to lovers to marriage in crisis, this series will leave you wanting for more. Each books starts with slow angsty build-up which slowly leads to the some steamy situations requiring you to take a break and come back to finish it.

2. King Of Greed by Ana Huang

This is the third book in the bookstagram favourite Kings of Sin series. If you enjoy steamy, seductive and erotic second-chance love story, this can be the one to add to your TBR. The plot revolves around a powerful and ambitious Dominic Davenport who is considered the King of Wall Street. While his professional life is reaching new heights but his marriage is on the verge of breaking apart. The book takes you through his quest to win the heart of his wife again with his love and sexy demeanour.

3. Legacy of Gods Series by Rina Kent

A compelling anthology consisting of five books Rina Kent’s Legacy of Gods is the perfect erotic romance binge-read choice for someone who wants to take ride through a world of kinks and doesn’t want to story to end with just an epilogue. The series order is God of Malice, God of Pain, God of Wrath, and God of Ruin, taking you into a new world one book at a time. The series is filled with morally grey men who enjoy a sweaty session or two, perfect for this chilly weather.

4. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Diving into a book like Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score is like embarking on an fiery and erotic journey you didn’t know you needed. The books follow the story of Naomi, who abruptly cancels her wedding and travels to Knockemout, Virginia, to save her estranged twin sister, Tina, from trouble. Knockemout is a rough town where disputes are resolved with fists and beer, making it a challenging place for someone like Naomi. That’s where she meets Knox, and the story starts unfolding as they grapple with their growing feelings for each other while trying to protect themselves while mingling in the sheets.

5. Marriage for One by Ella Maise

Marriage for One is a standalone, slow-burn erotic romance. The book revolves around two main characters, Rose and Jack. Rose is a simple girl with a bright and positive demeanour, but she has a tragic backstory. She needs a husband to secure a property for her dream coffee bar. That’s when Jack enters the picture and asks Rose to marry him. The two start off as complete strangers, but they slowly build a friendship which take turns around their passionate romance.

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