5 Homegrown Formal Wear Labels To Build Your Capsule Wardrobe From Scratch


Formal wear – until a few years ago, this word used to instantly paint a basic picture of a boring attire in everyone’s head. But over the last decade (thanks to movies and pop culture), globally and back home, labels and designers have blurred the edges around work wear and the rules are now pretty bleak. Especially for women, who no longer dress like their male counterparts when it comes to formal wear. Ladies like to take the idea of formal wear and give it ‘The Princess Diaries’ level of a makeover by sprucing it up with their personal style.


As casual and fuss-free as most work spaces have gotten, there are still a few days when you cannot turn up in baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt. If you’re still new to the world of adults and figuring out the ropes of being a working professional, who is yet to build a formal capsule wardrobe—we’ve got you. No, you don’t need to go to the mall and pick up 3 shirts in a neutral palette with a couple of black and navy trousers and a black blazer to go with everything. The key is to find a balance and pick pieces that are versatile but not mundane.

For instance, why just wear a plain old white shirt when you can layer it with a vintage corset? To build a capsule wardrobe that ticks the box on all essentials and still helps you stand out, opt for brands that are outside of the world of fast fashion. Lately, multiple homegrown formal wear brands have emerged as interesting contenders that deserve a spot in your closet. Ranging from luxury and high-end to the high street, here are some of the celebrity-approved formal wear labels that you can shop from.

1. Salt Attire


Tailor-made for brown women and their unique body types, Salt Attire was specially created to be mindful of details that global brands often miss. Right from the tailoring to the cuts, fits and colours—this label offers a wide variety of choices without altering the quality of fabric and construction.

Available at: saltattire.com

2. Qua Clothing


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Qua Clothing is for the modern yet quirky women who like to have fun with their formal wear. Their vast range of pantsuits, skirt suits and bodysuits helps you build your capsule wardrobe by switching and styling each piece differently every time you wear it.

Available at: qua.clothing 

3. Studio Moonray


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Studio Moonray is the perfect bridge brand between luxury and high-street. Crafted for both Gen-Z and millennials this label has a unique design language that adds fun to the otherwise conventional styled found in formal wear. Whether it’s their printed wrap-around skort or their deconstructed pantsuit, they make their silhouettes experimental yet wearable.

Available at: moonray.in

4. Kanika Goyal Label


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New York Fashion Week-approved, Kanika Goyal needs no introduction. Her anti-fit silhouettes fit into multiple categories and if you’re someone who likes to up the ante when it comes to formal wear, Kanika’s designs will speak to you. They are genderless, comfortable and perfect for those looking to make a style statement.

Available at: kglabel.com

5. Valtta


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Adding vibrancy to your normcore formal wear, label Valtta is like a breath of fresh air. The pop of orange in a strict brown pantsuit adds draws in the eye, adding interest to the outfit. Valtta offers outerwear for the maximalist and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Available at: Valtta 

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