5 Will Smith Performances That Remain Timeless For All Ages

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Will Smith’s fandom can be found across all age groups. From kids and teenagers to adults – everyone has a favourite Will Smith performance they still enjoy.  He may have begun his journey by wooing the audience with his impeccable comic timing, (Hello, Fresh Prince) but his career graph grew across each genre.

Whether it was proving his mettle in action by doing stunt-packed buddy cop movies or making the viewers cry buckets in an emotion-heavy film like Pursuit Of Happyness – he does it all with the same ease. On his 53rd birthday, we’re listing all our favourite movies helmed by the actor that have remained to be serious crowd pleasers.

1. Pursuit Of Happyness

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This movie stars Will and Jaden Smith playing father and son on celluloid, capturing the hearts of the audience with their earnest performances. Will portrays the character of Chris Gardner, who battles extreme poverty while being a single parent to his 5-year-old son. The film focuses on his character’s undying spirit, regardless of his situation. From the struggles to the final triumph, Will’s ability to showcase a range of emotions on the screen will keep you captivated till the end.

2. Bad Boys Franchise 

A great quality of an actor is to share the screen-space while lifting the other performer simultaneously – Will does this with absolute finesse. All of his remarkable work has one thing in common – a partner to pair up with. Particularly in the Bad Boys series where he and Martin Lawrence play Miami-based detectives to catch the criminals. It’s their camaraderie that made the film a classic to rewatch again and again. If you want to watch Will in his element, watch all three parts in the honour of his birthday.

3. Hitch 

Bringing his cool and suave demeanour to the table as Dr Love, Will play the problem-solver in people’s relationships in the ’00s popular film Hitch. He may have been paired opposite Eva Mendes, but his real chemistry in the film is with Albert, played by Kevin James; who he helps to impress a girl that is out of his league. The hilarious turn of events makes this one of Will’s wittiest rom-coms to revisit.

4. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

First things first – can we please appreciate Will’s sharp fits in this early ’90s sitcom? It is still one of the most referenced characters when it comes to fashion. In this bone-tickling show, Will plays a carefree teenager who is made to leave the hood to live with his posh relatives in Bel-Air. As a result, the entire family witnesses his hysterical antics that often clash with the upper-class lifestyle of his extended family. This series has become a comfort show for the millennials who find him relatable because of his inability to ‘fit’ in.

5. Aladdin 

In this 2019 rendition of Disney’s Aladdin, Will plays the larger-than-life part of Genie. By adding his own spin of humour, wit, and sass – Will took the crown away from the leading pair by becoming the most entertaining character in the film. Of course, we love Jasmin and Aladdin, but not more than the big blue and bald mystical creature who is all hearts and laughs, until he means business.

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