6 Books To Read For A Perfect Escape From Reality This Long Weekend


Working at a 9-5 job or struggling to finish those heaps of assignments means that most of us barely getting to dinner before we hit the bed to scroll endlessly through reels. For book lovers, this often translates to carving out time to read books, practically finding time to enjoy a joyful escape. But a long weekend for bibliophiles is the ultimate indulgence. It’s a great time to get your TBR list on a shuffle and pick something that you have always wanted to read. Whether it’s science fiction, mythology, or fan-favourite love sagas, our beloved fictional figures from diverse genres transport us to a completely new world. Some books are similar to experiences you’ve had or tales you’ve been told, either way, they are wonderful worlds to lose yourself in.

In case you are confused about what to pull out of your TBR, scroll down to spend some time getting lost in some of our favourite books:

1. Fake Dates and Mooncakes by Sher Lee

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An adorable read for all the K-dramas or Thai BL fanatics. The book feels like the love child of Heartstoppers and Crazy Rich Asians. As the name suggests, the plot revolves around a fake dating trope with some lip-smacking mooncakes. Dylan Tang, an aspiring chef, realises the recipe for love is trickier than it appears when he begins pretending to date an attractive customer, Theo Somers. Their courtship was just meant to be a show in Theo’s glitzy world of pomp, power, and rich people drama, but Dylan finds himself falling for Theo. Dylan Tang is also planning to win a Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake-making contest in honour of his mother and to raise awareness for his aunt’s failing Brooklyn Chinese takeaway. As the story progresses, Dylan is at risk of becoming distracted by issues when the mooncake competition is quickly approaching.

2. Of Life and Lies by Catherine Dellosa

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If you are obsessed with video games, this book can take you to an alternate universe. In this read, a regular girl, Ava, teams up with mythical animals to save the world (Book Two of the Of Myths and Men trilogy), while also confronting the falsehoods we make up to get by. Following the end of book one, Ava is reeling after the world started counting its days in fading sunsets. Brad was bleeding from three chest stab wounds and had his right leg severed when Cassie last saw him. Roy has already left. All she knows at this point, with Connor by her side, is that she must survive since real life is not a game. Ava and her companions decide to improve their chances of survival by adding a welcome new member to their group when reports about the whereabouts of the Lightbringer, the elusive leader of the Pure, start to circulate among the myths.

3. In The Weeds by BK Borison

You don’t forget women like Evelyn St. James. Definitely not Beckett Porter. He’s now a man preoccupied after an amazing weekend in Maine. He has had his share of  passionate affairs. But during their time in the sheets, Evie worked some type of spell on him. He keeps returning to her laughs in his thoughts. He is so perplexed when she unexpectedly shows up on his farm as part of a social media competition, unaware of the fact that Evelyn St. James, is a major social media star, more than just the lady he met at a pub. As when she vanishes again, Beckett decides to let go of her and go on. But there’s a dilemma for Evelyn, she is attempting to find her way back to something genuine since she feels miserable and cut off from her job. She goes back to Lovelight Farms and the little village of Inglewild, the last place she felt content. Sparks fly when these finally meet again.

4. Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer 

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A funny, charming and slow burn read. Evie Sage’s job situation is crucial since she must provide for a sick family. Therefore, it is only logical that she accepts a job offer following an incident involving Renedawn’s most notorious villain. Naturally, no work is ideal, but it becomes much less so when you start to harbour a tiny romantic interest in your obnoxious, volatile, and undoubtedly attractive employer. Evie, don’t be so drawn to wickedness. But just as Evie begins to adjust to the decapitated heads hanging from the ceiling and the random squish of an errant eyeball beneath her heel, she fears there is a giant rat in this dungeon.besides the literal sort. Since the Villain and his entire evil empire are under attack, something horrible is spreading throughout the realm of Rennedawn.

5. The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh

An international bestseller, the book follows the marriage of the leads, Leo Philber and Emma Bigelow, in a captivating mystery. Emma is a well-known marine biologist, while Leo writes obituaries. Leo deals with his wife’s critical sickness by studying and writing about her life, which is what he does best. He begins to write an obituary for his wife, but finds out there are things about her he doesn’t know. Leo is both upset by the lies his wife told and astounded by the fortitude with which she overcame a string of personal catastrophes when the truths are slowly disclosed. The lady he loves doesn’t actually exist; he learns as he begins to piece together the facts. Even her name is a lie.

6. Until Morning by Joyce Chua

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Lexi Lee believes she has met her true love but has never encountered Night, the enigmatic street artist who scatters his works over the city. That doesn’t stop her from writing him letters and having daydreams about moving into his paintings. She finds herself roaming between Night’s paintings and her childhood memories after a car accident puts her in a coma. The boy, who is her sole company in dreamland, doesn’t understand why he is locked with her and longs to escape. Christopher Fang is attempting to make sense of the recent nightmares he has been having in which he encounters the outrageous, free-spirited Lexi, a girl unlike any other person he has ever encountered in his life. But soon, he finds himself seeking escape from his life in those dreams. But when he finds out that his father’s latest property development project involves taking over the inn that Lexi’s father owns, Chris must choose between his loyalty to his father and helping Lexi return to the life she left behind.

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