Eargasm: 6 Erotic Podcasts Perfectly Designed For Pleasure

Erotic Podcast

I’m entirely aware of how out there it sounds, but I promise you erotic podcasts have tremendous potential. As someone whose introduction to the world of sex was constantly served through a series of unfortunate regressive porn videos that catered to the male gaze, you can imagine my surprise at having stumbled up erotic novels that portrayed sex the way women liked it. And then, thankfully, I found my way to erotic podcasts.

An underrated tool to help you turn yourself on or even discover your sexual prowess, the world of erotic podcasts is just as dynamic as its visual and literary counterparts. The reason these podcasts are often left behind is that most often we fail to recognise the role our auditory senses play in our sexual journey. After this life-changing discovery of mine, I’ve come to realise that erotic podcasts are nothing but the lovechild of porn and erotic novels. They’re basically reading out your porn for you. Now who wouldn’t want to try that out?

Erotic Podcasts To Begin With



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Quinn is a treasure trove of audio porn to put it in layman’s terms. With audio recordings that encompass categories ranging from humiliation kinks to yearning romance and even male moans—this one will have you spoilt for choice! My favourite part about Quinn is how there are different voices for each recording. Lately, they’ve gotten Jesse Williams on board, narrating an audio erotica series titled The Misty Door, and boy is he good!

Listen to it here.

Dirty Diana

We’re always up for sexploration journeys here, and Dirty Diana is exactly that! Starring Demi Moore, this podcast is about Diana, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage who decides to secretly run an erotic website. Demi Moore’s sultry voice narrates stories along with guest stars who make appearances and confess their wildest erotic fantasies. The first season of Dirty Diana mixes thrill and sensuality but also prioritises female pleasure.

Listen to it here.


Was I the only one who would spend hours reading erotic fanfiction involving my favourite pop-culture characters on Wattpad? Enter Fangasm, which began as erotic audios limited to the Harry Potter universe, gradually ended up including different TV shows and movies like The Game Of Thrones, Twilight and even The Walking Dead! Um, a steamy scenario between Jaime Lannister and Sansa Stark? Sign me up!

Listen to it here.



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Dipsea will help you dip your toes into the sea of stories that put a focus on sexual wellness and educate you at the same time. With an in-house team of writers that strive to be inclusive and cater to the sexual needs of all genders and sexualities, Dipsea is a consensual, feminist and sex-positive erotic podcast that takes a senses-first approach to sexual wellness. Hint, their BDSM stories are quite good.

Listen to it here.

Kiss Me Quick


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The Internet’s favourite ‘sexy librarian’, Rose Caraway in her podcast, Kiss Me Quick reads a wide range of stories that will have every listener gripped right till the very end. The stories encompass every genre possible, ranging from action to horror and romance too! My personal favourites are the paranormal ones, yes you read that right. Rose’s sensuous voice coupled with raunchy stories is a combination you need if erotic podcasts turn you on.

Listen to it here.

The Bellesa Erotica Podcast

erotic podcast

Known for their ethical porn and toe-curling sex toys, Bellesa’s Erotica Podcast will also leave you gasping for air. Featuring exclusive erotica from Bellesa’s famed collection, this podcast has a knack for being extremely graphic with all of its descriptions, something that works wonders for some of us!

Listen to it here.

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