Hot Hair Alert: 6 Trends Set to Dominate Summer ’24


When temperatures soar to 40°C and beyond, the last thing we want to be dealing with is hair sticking to our faces or the hot sizzle of styling tools. But don’t worry, to help you create carefree summer hair looks, we’ve spoken with celebrity hairstylist Hiral Bhatia, known for styling Sonam Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor to Nita Ambani and Kareena Kapoor Khan. And as for the trends for Summer ’24? Think fun colours and carefree, wash-and-go looks that create the perfect effortless chic.

“Bronde”— It’s not a typo.

“Bronde” is exactly what it sounds like — a happy medium between blonde and brunette. Bhatia speaks on trying this seamless blend, there is already a movement in fashion for 2024 that embraces nature-inspired colour and this hair trend follows that aesthetic. Instead of going boring butter blonde, or a simple brown —be a mob wife brunette with rich, glossy undertones. Let the gold hues caramelise for a richer, more mature look.

Dishevelled Bobs

We’re bidding farewell to the perfect bob this season, she predicts. Since early 2024, we’ve seen celebrities flaunting their bobs from icons like Sydney Sweeney to Gigi Hadid to the latest, Margot Robbie and I’ll tell you why: because it’s both low-maintenance and trendy. Bhatia explains that the bob is ideal for summer because the season brings humidity, which can strip hair of moisture so opting for a shorter style means fewer hair issues to deal with. The emphasis is now on nice, textured bobs rather than perfectly layered ones, embracing a wash-and-go, dishevelled bob look.

Low Contrast Roots

Go shoulder-length with some nice caramel highlights, perfect for your summer vacation look. It’s a comfortable but styled look. At the salon, “balayage” is a more commonly used term that can achieve this similar look. If you’re not looking to cut your hair, colour your roots.

Chocolate Hair

Samantha Prabhu just went chocolate brown for summer styled by creative director and colourist, Loic Chapoix. If you are looking for a twist on brunette hair, hop on this trend. Speak to your hair colourist and get this chocolatey look.

The “Cherry Coke”

If you’re craving a departure from the typical blonde or brunette hues, consider embracing the cherry coke trend! Cherry coke hair blends a rich black base with hints of red, burgundy, and even violet undertones. To me, cherry coke is that captivating moment when sunlight dances on brunette locks, revealing a subtle hint of red. This trend has surged in popularity, with Dua Lipa spearheading the movement. The infusion of vibrant red hues adds an electrifying touch to your summer aesthetic.

Shaggy bangs

Following the carefree summer aesthetic— Bhatia predicts a resurgence of textured and shaggy haircuts, with shaggy bangs leading the charge. This style is set to make a comeback this summer, adding to the carefree and effortless tousled look. Picture money pieces—lighter strands towards the front framing the face.

Don’t blindly follow trends because everyone has a different face shape and personal style. However, if you still want to be trendy this season, consider any of these options.

- Intern, Elle India

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