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In the human-dominated fashion forest of Instagram lies a rabbit hole into The (Stylish) Secret Life of Pets. With thousands of followers, coveted wardrobes and modelling contracts we can only dream of— there’s no denying that the animal kingdom is taking over the fashion throne. From Moschino biker jackets for dogs to splendid Versace pet bathrobes— luxury brands and retailers are actively dipping their paws into the animal apparel and accessories market. Overtaking human fashion influencers on Instagram, our favourite pet fashionistas have been serving some serious lewks, take a look:

1. Boobie Billie (@boobie_billie)

Trust Instagram’s posh pup Boobie Billie to teach you a thing or two about fashion and styling. Want to dress up like her? Boobie has her own line of mini handbags and silk scarves for her human friends. She’s generous like that.

2. Menswear Dog (@mensweardog)

Bodhi a.k.a Menswear Dog lives up to his “The Most Stylish Dog in the World” Instagram bio. The Shiba Inu has modelled for brands like Brooks Brothers, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo and more. From Hawaiian shirts to chic turtlenecks, there’s nothing Bodhi can’t pull off.

3. Zappa The Cat (@zappa_the_cat)

Zappa, the 6-year-old fabulous feline from the Netherlands is quite the meow-del. With a purr-fect wardrobe full of Chanel, Gucci, Off-white, Supreme and more— this white cat is on her way to give Instagram influencers a run for their money.

4. Tika the Iggy (@tikatheiggy)

The word ‘subtle’ does not exist in Tika’s style dictionary. This mega-popular Italian greyhound owns the spotlight in statement pieces like OTT red-carpet gowns, colourful jumpers and matching accessories. She rose to instant fame with her ‘love it, couldn’t wear it’ viral TiktTok video in late December last year.

5. Agador (@poochofnyc)

Known as ‘The Bob Ross of dogs’, this Maltipoo loves to show off his fashionable outfits as he poses for pictures around New York City. Agador is #Agadorable.

6. Ethel The Glamour Tort (@etheltheglamourtort)

Wearing matching outfits with your significant other is cute, but you know what’s better? Co-ordinating outfits with your tortoise! Pet parents to Ethel— Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez love to post heartwarming snaps with their glamourous tort.

7. Ghost and Wren (@ghost.and.wren)

These Italian Greyhounds from Toronto are sure to get you questioning your personal sartorial choices. From headscarves to snazzy sunglasses and more, Ghost and Wren sure do know how to make a statement.

- Digital Writer


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