8 Bizarre Fashion Trends We Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around

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Since everyone all over the world was quarantining at home last summer, people got quite creative and social media became the major source of all trends. Whether it was tie-dying your tees, upcycling your existing wardrobe, or stepping out in your PJs for grocery shopping, comfort and sustainability were the most practical fashion trends from 2020 that have also entered this year. However, some designers didn’t get the memo and went overboard with their creativity (were they too bored or too bold?). From absolutely unnecessary overpriced accessories to cringy designs inspired by fast food, here are some of the most bizarre fashion trends from 2020 and 2021 that we don’t want to see again.

1. Satan Shoes

Brooklyn art collective MSCHF, in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, released a line of Satan shoes, which featured a single drop of human blood in its cushioning sole (yes, you read that right!) Priced at $1,018, all 666 pairs were sold within a minute. The sneakers are originally from Nike. However, the global sportswear company never approved customising them, which has led them to sue MSCHF. 

2. Vaccine-Ready Clothes

If quarantine could give birth to some trends, so can the vaccination drive. One-shoulder and cold-shoulder silhouettes have come back as vaccine-ready fashion, just because it’s easier to get vaccinated in these tops rather than rolling up your full-sleeved shirt. While we have nothing against off-shoulder outfits, calling it vaccine-ready is a bit of a stretch.

3. KFC X Crocs Clogs

This was something that called for a good roast. KFC had collaborated with Crocs for a limited edition fried chicken footwear, and here’s what made it even weirder – it came with an attachable fried chicken charm that not only looked but smelled like the iconic fried chicken.

4. Moschino’s Baguette And Croissant Bag

Here’s another design inspired by food: Moschino’s baguette bag. The clutch was sold for a whopping $1,170 (INR 86,098). Do we really need this? Absolutely not. I rather hold an actual subway sandwich to satisfy my stomach and bank balance.

Later, the luxury brand also came out with a croissant bag.

5. Turtleneck Face Masks

Yes, having a turtleneck face mask is just what we needed because a mask has to be worn during winters only and not the rest of the year.

6. Gucci’s Inverted Sunglasses

Gucci made a very nice pair of cat-eye sunglasses, but here’s why they got trolled. They inverted it and sold it at over INR 55K.

7. Givenchy’s Three-Toed Stilettos

Mathew M. Williams debuted as Creative Director of Givenchy with an SS21 lookbook featuring some stunning designs. However, it was a particular style of footwear that caught people’s attention the most: the three-toed heels for women. The design was highlighted with the use of socks, but it really begged the question: what was its point? In fact, one of the Twitter trolls said that it looked like Scoobydo’s feet (LOL), and I can’t help but agree.

8. Zara’s Arm Warmers

Have you been in that situation where you’re sitting in an air-conditioned room but don’t have a blanket to keep yourself warm? Well, that’s what arm warmers are for. It’s a sweater without a sweater. Totally practical, right? And Zara was selling it for INR 1.8K.

Photographs: Instagram, Twitter

- Lifestyle Editor


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