Skip Your Bold Colours For These 8 Coquettecore Nail Art Designs


Nail art trends are on a roll this year; blame it on the growing Instagram or TikTok trends or pop culture references. Even after spending half of our year juggling from summer neons to mermaidcore nail art, we are all once again looking for newer and different nail art to go with our mood for the season–sombre yet sultry. It’s time for coquettecore nail trend.

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For someone who is new to the term, a Coquette means a flirtatious woman or someone who gains the admiration of men easily but does not have serious feelings for them; in pop culture terms, A walking Lana Del Rey fanatic. This nail art has a Bridgerton vibe like bows, pearls, and tiny sparkles with an added hint of sultriness.

So, skip those bold colour gel nail paints with these 8 Coquettecore nail art designs:

1. Little Spark

Add some off-white bows and tiny crystal beads for chic coquettecore nail art.

2. Pink Aura


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If you want to elevate your aura nail, pull up some white nail colour and tiny beads.

3. Hello Kitty

Flaunt your soft-coloured coquettecore, glittery nails with a tiny Hello Kitty-inspired embellishment.

4. Crystal Hearts

This design is for girls who don’t mind a little extra sparkle in their nail art.

5. Strawberry Spark


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Pearls and strawberries? A visual delight for your next brunch look.

6. Blush Nails


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Soft blush-toned almond nails with hearts and stones.

7. Westwood Tribute

Vivienne might be the queen of punk, but her contribution to making pearls the main character is often taken as inspiration everywhere.

8. Pearl Manicure

A simple yet stunning design to elevate your French manicure.

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