Your Inner 90’s Kid Will Love These 9 Retro Nail Art Designs

Retro Nail

Your nails say everything about you. So yes, everyone notices that chipping polish but we will put that down to Monday blues. A cottage-core girlie will lean towards dewy pastels and florals on her nails, and the Wednesday Adams squad will rock their gothic black manicures. And in a time when trends are changing faster than we can keep up, we love to see some classic revivals on our Instagram feeds. This summer, where some people are obsessing over mermaid nails courtesy of The Little Mermaid, there’s another trend on the radar: retro nails. Retro fashion or beauty trends are always going to be around- there’s the nostalgia factor and who doesn’t love old glamour and some hints of 70s groovy pop? Retro nail art is a mixture of curvy lines, florals, pop colours, and some cutesy motifs. Alexa plays Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by Abba.

So, scroll down to get inspired by some brighter and nostalgic motif nail art for your next mani session:

1. Blue Bubbles


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Who doesn’t love Bubbles from The Power Puff Girls? Try these powder blue tones filled with retro cute nail art motifs.

2. Cherry Pedicure

Don’t limit the retro nails to your manicure; get some cute artworks for your next pedicure session as well.

3. Come On Barbie

Sport some retro Barbie pinks with some swirls and smiles.

4. Candy Spread

Bold swirls with some animal prints and sprinkled motifs should be next on your inspiration board.

5. Cutesy Tip

Skip your basic French tips and restyle them with some pop colours and retro motifs.

6. Blooming Blues

Powder blue is having its moment, and this summer is the perfect time to add some smileys and show them off at your next brunch.

7. Rainbow-fy

Show your allyship this Pride Month by adding some rainbow and pop retro nail art motifs.

8. Holy Cow!


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In case you aren’t a fan of too many colours, try this cow print with a yellow accent.

9. Cheery Clouds Mix


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A mix of everything might be your next vibe, from flowers to blue clouds to cherries.

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