9 Chic Boho Nail Art Designs To Recreate This Monsoon

Boho Nails

Without saying a word, your nails allow you to express your style. For some of us, it’s an extension of our personality. I know more than one person who would give stiletto nails a whirl, while I constantly worry about them getting snagged on something. Some of us love our pastels. Some of us aren’t big on brighter nails.  Given that most of us want to showcase a side of our personality with our nails, it only makes sense to peruse the internet for nail ideas. And for the girls who like their nails like their outfits- boho- we’ve just the thing.

Here are nine boho nail art designs that you can bookmark for your next salon appointment:

1. Prints on Prints

Try some contrasting minimal print patterns together to get preppy yet netural nail art look.

2. Marble Effect

Skip your bold colour base with a marble effect embossed with some henna-inspired designs.

3. Astrology Inspired

This is for all the astrology girls, top off your boho nails with golden stars and a moon 3D effect.

4. Dessert Land

Add some grainy effects and palm motifs on beige tones to achieve this cutesy dessert-inspired boho nail art.

5. Swirly Florals

Drizzle some olfactory swirls and prints with a hint of gold accent.

6. Dark Themes

You can also opt for some darker colours with marble effect and prints.

7. Bahama Prints

Nail enthusiasts can also express their trendiness by adding some Bahama or beach-inspired prints.

8. Minimal Prints


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If you aren’t a big fans of golds and effects, you also incorporate these minimal designs to achieve the boho nail look.

9. Brown Tones

Neutrals are always in, and to get boho nails in neutral tones, you can add some gel embossing over your base colours.

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