9 Chinese Celebrities Whose Fashion Game Has Everyone Sitting Up And Taking Notice

Chinese Celebs

China is one of the biggest markets for luxury fashion houses like Dior, Burberry, and more. If you are keeping up with the fashion news, you’ll know that Chinese celebrities are taking over as house ambassadors, one brand at a time. Chinese celebs are dressed to make heads turn and that’s gotten them noticed. Whether it’s a red carpet for a movie screening, the fashiongram, or award ceremonies, these Chinese stars will give everyone in the fashion business a run for their money.

Zhang Zhehan in Custom Rahul Mishra

From style icons like Zhang Zhehan and Angelababy to world-renowned pop stars like Jackson Wang and Lay Zhang, these guys have a fashion game that’s meant to be coveted.

So, if you are looking for a change up your style and find some inspiration, follow these nine most loved Chinese celebrities on Instagram:

1. Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan is a Chinese actor and performer. He is famously known for his role as Wei Ying in the Chinese historical drama Legend of Ban Shu. His concert style is always the talk of the town, and he was recently seen donning a custom Rahul Mishra piece for his latest show.

2. Yang Yang


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Yang Yang is one of the most popular C-Drama actors and has recently been announced the brand ambassador for Valentino. Yang gained popularity in 2010 for portraying Jia Baoyu, the main character, in the television version of The Dream of Red Mansions, based on one of China’s most popular books ever.

3. Fan Bing Bing

Fan Bingbing has always been a fashion icon, and her recent red carpet looks were for the books. The actress was pictured in designer outfits from luxury houses like Valentino and Dior to Indian designers like Rahul Mishra and Gaurav Gupta.

4. Jackson Wang

When Jackson Wang is not making tunes, he is busy doing fashion. The GOT7 member has a long love affair with luxury houses. He is also latest addition to the Louis Vuitton global family joining his Idol friend J-hope. And his Paris Fashion Week debut was one of the most tweeted looks of the season.

5. Lay Zhang


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Known for his impeccable street style aesthetic, EXO member Lay Zhang knows how to deliver a power packed performance with his vocals, rapping and style. He has also rocked some super cool hairstyles for his solo album.

6. Victoria Song

Victoria consistently pulls off different fashion styles with grace, be it preppy glam or edgy looks that highlight her confidence while showcasing her elegance and vivacious personality.

7. Xin Liu


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One of the most loved Chinese pop stars at the moment, Xin Liu is a former member of the girl group The9 before she decided to fly solo. Her personal style deserves all the attention and love from the fans. Coming from an industry that is highly patriarchal, she shines in her gender bender outfits including power suits and edgy pieces.

8. Cai Xukun


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A post shared by KUN (@caixukun)

Singer, songwriter, and actor Cai Xukun, popularly known as Kun, is a trailblazer. His recent world tour is giving us a closer look at the performer’s personal style, which is a visual treat for fashion enthusiasts. Kun is also Prada’s the first-ever Chinese ambassador.

9. Angelababy


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A post shared by Angelababy (@angelababyct)

This Chinese model-actress is a red carpet favourite. Angela started her journey as a fashion model at the age of 14, and her fashion evolution is applause-worthy. Her looks consist of her signature full skirts gowns, layered tulle dresses, and a hint of transparent fabrics.

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