The Adidas Meissen Sneaker Collaboration Is The Hottest Drop Of The Season

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What happens when two heavy-weight, heritage German Giants collaborate on a creative project? It results in a one-of-a-kind product that instantly shoots up on our must-have list. And if you’re a compulsive sneaker-head, Christmas is coming in a little early for you. Case in point: Adidas is collaborating with the historic porcelain manufacturer Meissen, on a pair of shoes for the sneaker brand’s ZX line. The ZX800 shoe drop features hand-painted leather and ceramic overlays. It will display the finest work of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturer.

adidas Meissen

Art X Street-Style 

It took half a year to create each of these 950 grams weighing, intricately crafted pairs of sneakers. Take my money already! The idea behind launching the A-ZX program was to offer a blank canvas to creative visionaries. The esteemed artists would then showcase their magic on each of these signature shoes. The art on the shoe was inspired by the ‘krater’ vase, designed by Meissen in 1856, it comprised 130 different patterns. 15 styles out of which, were recreated on each pair of sneakers by skilled painters. Take your sophisticated dinner table chinaware out for a spin in the fashion world. The unreal craftsmanship behind each of the floral/botanical paint jobs on the shoe speaks volumes about Haute German artistry.

adidas Meissen

Highest Auction 

The iconic leather-ceramic, floral-painted artistic shoes are estimated to fetch a 1 million dollar bid. The sneakers are being auctioned via Sotheby’s. The sale amount will be donated to the Brooklyn Museum to support art education. The avant-garde sneaker will be on display in Sotheby’s New York Festival of Wonder Exhibition. Blurring the line further between street style and art, one sneaker masterpiece at a time, the artistically innovated sneakers will be available for commercial purchase in late December.

adidas Meissen


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