What’s The Future Of Fashion Aesthetics And Cores? We Ask An AI Chatbot To Investigate


As a self-respecting fashion journalist, I’ve repeatedly had to tackle the topic of fashion aesthetics and cores with dignified political correctness. My truest, deepest, most honest two cents on the same will be concealed due to reasons unbeknownst to mankind. But the ever-evolving landscape of fashion terminologies and subcultures warrants an intervention. And this time around, we turned to an AI chatbot.

Why, you may ask. Well, given a legion of Substack users, fashion commentators, influencers and magazines just like us have fervently anatomised the topic, we thought it best to let the lean, mean AI chatbot machine do the honours this time. Don’t need another niche girl blogger on the gram drilling the flaky correlation between coquette-core and postmodernism into my ears.

I’m good with sticking to my bow earrings, it’s really not that deep for me.

My first question was an elementary foreplay of sorts, gauging the chatbot’s know-how concerning the subject. “What do you know about aesthetics and cores?” The reply flashed swiftly. A detailed, thorough breakdown of the two terms, as if penned to titillate my grade 7 teachers.


Focuses on the overall look and feel of something, and is about the visual elements that create a certain mood or atmosphere. Some popular aesthetics include cottage-core (think idyllic rural life), grunge (dark, rebellious), and vapourware (futuristic, dreamlike).


Refers to a more specific style with a defined theme or set of values. It can encompass aesthetics but also includes things like activities, interests, and even philosophies. For example, the ‘dark academia’ core is not just about wearing tweed jackets and reading classic literature, it’s about embracing a love of learning and a pursuit of knowledge.

Dang, nicely explained. Amidst the sea of clashing and contrasting cores, I couldn’t help but mask my curiousness as to what the chatbot deemed as the reigning trend this year before I jumped into the future. The response placed a heavy weight on the move towards individuality and self-expression, in a way signalling mild evaporation of this somewhat restrictive pattern of trend analysis (just my opinion). The following were the frontrunners:

Acubi Aesthetic: A minimalist and Korean-influenced style that features browns, blacks, and earth tones with a touch of ’90s flair.

Light Academia: This look leans on classic literature and intellectual pursuits, with neutral tones, blazers, and a vintage touch.

Mob Wife: A more glamorous and dramatic look inspired by The Sopranos, featuring big hair, French manicures, and bold jewellery.

Bold and Maximalist: This trend breaks away from convention with bright colours, unique patterns, and a focus on fun and self-confidence.


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And finally, I arrived at the ‘future’ bit of it. I asked if fashion would be ruled by newer aesthetics and if yes, then which ones? The chatbot called the forecasting process tricky (huh, amateur) but based on current trends and technological advancements, listed the probable ones depending on how aesthetics might evolve:

Tech-infused aesthetics like cyberpunk might become even more prominent, with clothing featuring metallics, neons, and silhouettes that blend high-tech with a rebellious edge. There’s something called biomimicry fashion, which draws inspiration from nature. This could involve garments that mimic natural materials for comfort and sustainability, or even change colour or texture based on the environment. Quite cool.


Upcycled chic will still trend and celebrate reworked and thrifted clothing, making it even more mainstream, with a focus on creativity and reducing fashion’s environmental impact. Performance fashion will take centre stage as boundaries between activity and everyday life will blur. Clothing with built-in functionality like temperature regulation or water resistance could be the future.

There was a mention of VR fashion too, alongside advancements in 3D printing, that could lead to highly customised clothing, allowing for on-demand creation and perfect fits. Imagine downloading a pattern and printing your own outfit at home. The former fashion student in me sees a lot of promise in this one, while simultaneously thinking about the job crisis our seamstresses are bound to face. Interesting.

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