We Asked AI To Curate A Wardrobe Specifically For Mumbai Monsoons


As monsoons are nearing, us Mumbai residents have already started building our armour and stocking up on tools required to keep the enemy at bay. The harrowing humidity and dissonant rain patterns are the enemies in question. It’s a tussle here, you see. Apart from the rampant romanticisation (guilty as charged), the season comes bearing its own set of problems that put a damper on our plans.

While we may struggle to battle it out on the streets of Mumbai during monsoons, the sartorial aspect of things can be sorted with some help from certain, erm, friends. Here we’re proposing befriending AI chatbots to sort out this quandary of yours. Trust the process. Upon asking the software about what to wear, here’s what it said.


Mumbai monsoons can be tricky to dress for because of the sudden downpours and high humidity. Here are some tips to stay comfortable and stylish during this season:


Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that dry quickly. Cotton is a good natural choice but look for cotton blends with polyester or nylon for faster drying. Avoid denim jeans and opt for quick-drying trousers or shorts instead.


The weather can be unpredictable, so layering is key. Start with a quick-drying base layer and add a lightweight jacket, hoodie, or wind-cheater on top. This way, you can adjust to changes in temperature and avoid getting stuck sweating under a heavy coat if the sun comes out.


Darker colours are generally more forgiving if you get caught in the rain, as they won’t show water stains as easily as lighter colours. But don’t be afraid to embrace the season with some brighter colours and prints too!


Ditch the sandals and heels. Opt for closed-toe shoes with good grip to avoid slipping on wet surfaces. Rubber soles are ideal for wet weather.

Upon finding the answer a little generic, I asked for brand names and specifications for those working in corporates in these Mumbai monsoons. I was pleasantly surprised to see widely loved Indian brand names pop up, and that too, ones in the budget for most middle-class folks. Here’s the response:


Offers work-ready dresses, trousers, and blouses in wrinkle-resistant fabrics like poly-blends and breathable cotton.

Van Heusen Woman

Known for their tailored shirts and trousers, perfect for creating a polished office look.


Offers a variety of workwear styles from dresses and skirts to pantsuits, all designed with comfort and movement in mind.


Look for their kurtas and palazzos made from breathable fabrics like cotton and mulmul.

Peter England

Offers a wide range of formal and semi-formal shirts, trousers, and suits.


Known for their high-quality suits and trousers, perfect for creating a sharp office look.

Louis Philippe

Offers a variety of workwear options, including wrinkle-resistant shirts and chinos.

U.S. Polo Assn

Offers comfortable and stylish polos and chinos in quick-drying fabrics.


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Then came a pleasant surprise. A short guide to styling one’s accessories, these monsoons. I’m sure this AI guy lives around here. Might’ve bumped into him/her in a local too, who knows?


Invest in a pair of closed-toe shoes with a good grip for wet weather. Leather shoes can be worn if they are waterproofed. Opt for loafers or boat shoes for a more casual look.


Choose a bag made from a water-resistant material like leather or nylon. A backpack can be a practical option for carrying your belongings.


Keep accessories minimal during the monsoon to avoid them getting damaged.

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