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Alex Perry At le mill

If you’re a sucker for all things fashion, you’ll agree that the arrival of international luxury brands in India is something that gets one most giddy with excitement. Pop culture fans, I’m talking about news that equals Coldplay announcing their concert dates for India. While I spend plenty of time doom scrolling fashion feeds for my own joy there is one designer whose pieces make me stop and want to soak up all that effortless fashion vibe. Alex Perry and his sense of harmony with colours and sharp silhouettes not only achieves old-world cinematic glam but easily makes a strong case for a statement look, no matter the occasion. Ace Australian designer and quite certainly a celebrity favourite, he finally sets foot in India at the exquisite Le Mill store in Colaba. Read on to unfold a rather pleasing conversation with the designer as he opens up about this joyous endeavour with

In Conversation With Alex Perry, Available At Le Mill

le mill

What inspired your decision to enter India?

Alex Perry (AP): I’ve had a love affair with India for the longest time! During my regular travels to Mumbai for over 10 years, I have worked with incredible local artisans that have beaded and embroidered some of the most beautiful work for Alex Perry.

What are your thoughts about the Indian fashion scene? Is there anything in particular that appeals to you?

AP: I am completely fascinated by the use of colour in India, especially in fashion. I have seen the most brilliant colours worn by Indian women in traditional saris and love the way that modern Indian women seem to effortlessly exist in the most sumptuous traditional Indian dresses but also move seamlessly into western dressing. However, it is the sense of occasion that I love the most about Indian fashion. It embraces sparkling glamour and a respect for tradition.

Most renowned celebrities of the country, including the likes of Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra have been spotted in your exquisite pieces. Is there an Indian personality you would love to see don an Alex Perry outfit?

AP: There are so many unbelievable Indian actresses that I would love to dress. The first Bollywood film I ever watched was Devdas, starring Aishwarya Rai. I was captivated instantly, like the rest of India and the world. So, without a doubt it has to be Aishwarya!

Eclectic in its being and the contemporary women’s go-to, Le Mill is truly a treasure of luxury fashion. What in particular stood out to you?

AP: I remember wondering if there was a place for Alex Perry in India, given that traditional Indian fashion was such a definitive part of Indian women’s lives. Le Mill is such a beautifully curated home for luxury fashion. I visited their store in Bombay on one of my trips and fell in love with it. What excites me most is their truly diverse collection of brands – some I knew alongside others that I have now discovered. I thought to myself that if I was ever to be a part of Indian fashion – Alex Perry’s first home in Mumbai would be at Le Mill’s beautiful store.

Le Mill store
Le Mill Store in Colaba, Mumbai

You seem to have mastered the art of striking a balance between vibrant colours and extravagant silhouettes. How do you achieve this sense of harmony?

AP: I’m not afraid of colour, the brighter the better. There is something about a beautiful sleek evening gown in black that I will always be drawn to. It’s my personal design DNA but having said that, the same design translated onto a brilliant fuchsia or neon yellow literally takes it to another level. In evening gowns especially, colour creates maximum impact. I think the simpler and sharper the silhouette, the more intense and visible the colour becomes.

Tell us about your relationship with colours?

AP: This question makes me smile. It is because for the longest time I just wanted to make everything in black. I thought it to be the ultimate chic choice. Although quite frankly, I used to be afraid of colour. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like my choices. Black was safe, right? But at some point, I just thought to myself ‘back yourself’ and do what you love. Not everyone will love your colour choices, but that’s not important. Choosing what you love will have like-minded people love it too. The reaction to colour was incredible, the more intense the better. This gave me such confidence.

Do you have a list of favourites from any of your collections?

AP: It’s so hard to pick just one! I love so many pieces from SS22. If I have to, I’m going to pick the ‘Halsey’ dress. It’s a short, sexy and beautifully bright fuchsia party dress. It’s panelled, underwired, cupped and completely gorgeous! I have to say, there are great separates in this collection. Shorts, skirts, crop tops, bodysuits, amazing blazers, slim fit and relaxed pieces for you to style them to completely suit your personality.

le mill
Alex Perry’s Halsey Dress

Lastly, what is your biggest takeaway from your journey as a designer, spanning decades? Our readers would love to hear your mantra for life.

AP: I’m constantly learning, every single day and it never stops. I think it’s really important to be open-minded. The world and its people evolve constantly, so it’s important to always be open to new ideas, influences and experiences. It allows you to be creative and inspired. I’ve always been led by my intuition. My biggest lesson was not to try and please everyone as it’s an impossible task. Back yourself, find what you love and do exactly that. Find your tribe and stay in your lane. There are always loud voices of opinion, some can be meaningful, but in my experience, most are not. They can compromise your focus, so let them go and find your stillness so you can be present and connected to your truth!

The brand is now exclusively available to shop at

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