Active Ingredients, Botanical Extracts, It’s All Natural With Aminu

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Achieving natural and discernable skin is in everyone’s beauty routine. It’s a reward when your favourite brand is also natural and transparent with its products. Aminu is one such skincare brand. The brand strives to go beyond conventional, synthetic, chemical-laden beauty products, with vegan and cruelty-free methods up its sleeve.

Aminu products do not consist of fillers of any kind, which means that almost every ingredient in their products is an active ingredient. Each product is a combination of ancient herbs, peptides, sustainable marine actives, pure seeds, essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural gums that deal with oily skin and treat blemish-prone skin’s complex needs.⁣ Though the list of ingredients may go on, every ingredient they include in their products is for a specific therapeutic reason.

Aminu Products You Need To Add To Your Vanity

The one thing acne and pesky breakouts bring with them is unsolicited advice.⁣ Our take?⁣ Throw it out the window.⁣ Understanding the root cause of your acne and the skin type is paramount in trying to find a long-term solution for your skin issues. With Aminu, you can find solutions to target multiple skin issues with the following products.

1. AHA Face Wash


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A daily exfoliating cleansing gel that targets dullness and rough skin texture for a clear bright complexion. Fruit AHA complex helps improve moisturisation with a boost of collagen. It contains five natural AHAs, and antioxidant-rich botanicals which treat rough skin and uneven tone in a jiffy.

It’s effective at treating mild pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. A face wash that refreshes you and your skin is a must-have in your kit.

2. Clarifying Concentrate Serum

Clarifying Concentrate Serum is one such product that treats acne, heals the skin and protects it from damage. A water-based serum, it has fermented herbal notes of the botanicals and amino acids in it. Reducing the severity and frequency of breakouts and acne to unclog pores and heal blemish-prone skin, the clarifying concentrate helps in all the fields of skincare.

3. Antioxidant Body Scrub


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Give nourishment to the skin and back with Aminu’s Antioxidant Body Scrub. ⁣Filled with ⁣grainy and soft oil, this scrub is filled with natural spiced notes. Treating dullness and polishing rough skin is easy to do with this scrub. High in antioxidants, this coffee-brown sugar oil scrub protects skin against premature ageing. When massaged on the body, a nutrient-rich blend of healing Ayurvedic oils relieves muscle tension, helps drain out the lymph nodes, reduces cellulite and moisturizes the skin. And the best part – it doesn’t leave behind a greasy feel!

Safety First With Aminu

The brand essence is to be safe and green for us and our planet. Being transparent about its ingredients, Aminu products and packaging are without synthetic polymers or other environmentally damaging chemicals and toxins. Being 100% bio-degradable, Aminu does not shy away from revealing what ingredients they use in their products. And that’s the kind of transparency we need in our skincare products.

The brand reveals its understanding of skin biology, functions and changes by incorporating such ingredients as wild-harvested botanicals, cold-pressed seed oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils, natural gums, floral and plant water (hydrosol), algae, peptides, amino acids, energizing minerals and vitamins, and many clinically proven ingredients.

With the good comes no bad, the brand reiterates that it does not incorporate ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates (SLS, SLES, or irritating foaming agents),micro-plastic (acrylates, polymers, PEG, carbomers) and synthetic fragrances which can be harmful to us and our planet.

⁣Let your skin’s troubles find solace in Aminu’s range of clean, high-performance, multi-active skincare.

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