‘And Just Like That?’ Style Decode: The Best Of Old And New

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With Sex and the City costume alumna Patricia Fields now dressing the Gen Z-approved Emily In Paris, how different will the New York’s ‘it’ girls style look in the reboot, And Just Like That? A pressing question in our minds that was finally answered after the first look of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis curated by Molly Rogers was released a couple of days ago.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah) traded her classic Manolo’s for steady Celine platforms but retained her love of smart layering and boho-chic accessories in a checkered Norma Kamali dress and Fry Power jewellery. Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia) is over her oversized skirt-suit phase and will now be reporting for her lawyer duties in a sleek, tailored look. Charlotte York’s (Kristin) understated elegance will be carried forward, case in point: her introductory Carolina Herrera black dress with a side of mini Dior. From the first impressions, it looks like the ladies are borrowing from the past and evolving towards the future when it comes to their style. With more looks unveiled, let’s discover more similarities and differences between their old and new sartorial sense.

Carrie Bradshaw (Then And Now) 

Image source: Pinterest

Like SJP rightfully said in Fendi’s 2019 campaign, “It’s not a bag; it’s a baguette.” The iconic tiny purse that got stolen from Carrie in an alley in season 3 is back with a shimmering upgrade. She may not be wearing the naked dress and low-rise jeans anymore, but she’s sure carrying her favourite arm candy. Her outfit follows a similar theme from her debut look – a printed dress, a long cardigan and a pair of block heels with some Gen-Z friendly Y2k jewellery.


Image source: Pinterest

Also, just like old times, Carrie loves a good vintage fit, but now with a successful column and a podcast (supposedly), she can throw in a Dries Van Noton silk floral cardigan to fancy up her otherwise sustainable look.

 Miranda Hobbes (Then And Now)


Image source: Pinterest

Loving the Miranda glow-up! Her character was known for a lot of reasons, but fashion wasn’t it. In the glimpses of the current series, we can already see that changing. Of course, she’s wearing a designer tie-dye dress with a Bernie Sanders tote )she loved carrying eco-friendly bags with political and environmental statements).


Image source: Pinterest

The no-fuss dressing was always Miranda’s mood, but this time her closet will see more solid-coloured jumpsuits, flare-legged separates with minimal prints and embellishments.

Charlotte York (Then And Now)

It isn’t just Elizabeth Taylor (her dog) who has been replaced. Charlotte’s perky girl wardrobe has also been revamped. New Charlotte has taken a leaflet from her own style file and decided to keep the grace but let go of the rest. Charlotte 2.0 was sighted first in a polka-dotted Balenciaga skirt paired with a puffy Stella McCartney blouse, and she matched her mustard Manolo Blahnik’s with her belt.

Image source: Pinterest

One signature Charlotte element that continues to pop out during all her major appearances is the consistency of the colour bubblegum pink. She wore the shade in the show and the movie and is back to revive it for the reboot.

We couldn’t help but wonder; if the first few looks have surged the fan curiosity, what will happen when the actual show drops? Cannot wait to See Mr Big serving his smoulder in all grey while Stanford and Anthony continue to be the power couple in pastels and all-black.

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