And Just Like That, The SATC Reboot Hit Us Right In The Feels

And Just Like That

Even before the ‘It’ girls of New York City officially regrouped with ‘And Just Like That’ – netizens were quick to show their dismay. “Why are they dragging it now?” “What more could they possibly show?” “It will never be the same without Samantha,” etc etc. As a generation that inhales pop culture at a lightning speed, we love jumping to conclusions even before we give it a real chance.

Full disclosure: I had my share of inhibitions about the reboot, but the mere thought of watching the trio navigate life in their ’50s intrigued me enough to give it a shot. After watching the first two episodes, I stand by my judgment. Here’s what had me hooked. Caution: If you haven’t seen it yet, the story contains spoilers.

The ‘Big’ Plot Twist

And Just Like That

I wept, you wept, we all wept when Carrie held Big’s lifeless frame in the shower as her wedding shoes got drenched and the love of her life passed away. While it may have caused a sudden drop in the Peloton stocks – it pushed the story towards an interesting new phase. Big and Carrie, as iconic as they are, have seemingly lived it all on-screen and this new direction is what the show needed.

Fashion-Forward Looks

Can we take a moment to appreciate Carrie’s oversized menswear look? The eternally graceful, late Willie Garson made his first appearance on the show in this year’s Pantone shade – a Very Peri suit. Charlotte (almost) passed on her love of classic American designers and elegant florals to her daughters Lily and Rose in chic Oscar de la Renta dresses. Miranda went back to school in a fun tangerine cross-body skirt set. The new band of girls are showcasing their personalities through their styles.

And Just Like That

Carrie’s Career Jump 

And Just Like That

I always envisioned Carrie keeping up with the times, despite her lack of technological skills. Watching her be on a podcast was intriguing, but what worked for me was that the creators didn’t instantly glorify her new job. We saw her fumble, get uncomfortable – even though the question was right up her alley. What will Carrie’s career trajectory look like when she’s no longer just a columnist chained to her desk? We shall find out.

Miranda Learning The Tropes Of Being Rightly Woke 

Watching Miranda get flustered in a class full of Gen-Z students isn’t something we saw coming. Our resident favourite lawyer got schooled about her white saviour complex and how saying less is better than saying wrong things. To watch her try and be a teacher’s pet, who carries her law books instead of parading around with a kindle and a vape is exactly why we will forever be #TeamMiranda.

To The Old And The New 

And Just Like That

Often reboots are disliked because they lack the ability to retain the essence of the original show, but And Just Like That manages to tread that line of balance well, so far. While the characters have evolved in their personal and professional lives and are dealing with separate sets of issues – their inherent natures remain. Charlotte can still cry at the drop of a hat, Miranda’s one-liners can put anyone in their place, Stanford and Anthony will never stop bullying and loving each other – and as for Carrie, her search for labels and love has officially resumed.

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