8 beauty trends from 2000s TV shows that are making a comeback today

We belong to the unique generation that was old enough to watch Nicole Richie in overalls on The Simple Life, and now, derive major fashion goals on Instagram courtesy Sofia, her younger sister. We’ve come a full circle as some of the most iconic 2000s beauty trends make their way back to the runway. Case in point: Fenty Puma by Rihanna made a strong case for those low-rise jeans that sat snug on Mischa Barton’s hips in The OC. So we decided to go down memory lane via prime ’00s era television, for some bittersweet nostalgia because let’s face it—we’re probably still be sporting ‘The Rachel’ in the next decade à la Bella Hadid.

Glossy pouts and butterfly clips circa Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire might be an outfit repeater, but she sure had her hair accessory game on point. Sparkly butterfly clips, pop hair extensions, oversized scrunchies and bandannas in every pattern–add crimped hair to that every so often. But what we really took away from the queen of the Disney Channel were her super glossed lips–too many of us were gifted that sweet, sweet phase, thanks to Lizzie.

The hair awakening circa Smallville

Looking back, Smallville–the show only those of us currently using serious anti-ageing might be familiar with–hit the sweet spot of transition from the ‘90s into the 2000s. All that hair. Kristin Kreuk’s neatly pinned tresses, Allison Mack’s short shag, and Annette O’Toole’s classic straight hair all come to mind, but the winner: Clark Kent’s silky locks.

The Rachel circa Friends 

This is the one where a layered bob became insanely famous. Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green from Friends, wore ‘The Rachel’ (peak of 2000s beauty trends) created by hair stylist Chris McMillan back in 1995 and it isn’t quite forgotten yet–considering its revival by Bella Hadid just last year. The shag is equal parts laid back and posh, and frames a face well enough to have been the most imitated style women have been taking to their hairdressers. Would we sport it today? Why the hell not?!

SoCal girl style circa The Hills

There was a brief moment in time we were all Lauren Conrad. The preppy, girly girl-next-door, perpetually teary-eyed for some reason (read: boys), but sported headbands (pre-Blair Waldorf) and oversized sunnies—all worn with her signature bangs or milkmaid braids. And if LC wasn’t quite your vibe, there was always Kristen’s bejewelled blonde bangs and Audrina’s dark look. But please, can we never bring back flat-ironed, centre-parted hair?

Blair’s headbands circa Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf though. Back in the glory days of the aughts, we met the infamous Queen B of Constance, and our lives were forever changed. If you could for a moment yank your eyes away from the gorgeous designer fare that was Blair’s (and Serena’s) wardrobe, we could all revel in the vivid memory of her stunning, intricate headbands. God knows we had about 30 of them all neatly lined up above our dressers in constant rotation…well, if you know, you know.

Barrettes & chokers circa Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Firstly, how adorable was Melissa Joan Hart as a teenage witch? She showed up in the late nineties in her sparkly bell-sleeved dress (opening creds!), and gave us polo neck & sheer fabric inspo for life, but this is a special mention to her strong barrette game. Worn side swept with a little poof, even Salem’s got nothing on this ‘90s kitten with moxie.

Eyelash-skimming bangs circa Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Looking back, 16-year-old Buffy Summers was, for many of us, a feminist icon but we didn’t realise until later because we were busy taking beauty notes from the vampire. However, to be fair, she cared just as much about it—remember her dead-pan serious going, “Tell me the truth—how’s my hair?” Well, let’s see…her hair evolution goes from ex-mean girl in a barrette to pre-Sunnydale long blonde locks to romantic golden curls…a brief dark hair moment under a spell…and even a peroxide phase. But a look that stands out? Those eyelash-skimming bangs worn with her trademark brown lipstick–the frosty kind though.

Juicy & Dutch circa The Simple Life

Sure, Nicole Richie had to be told what a laundromat meant (by Paris Hilton) and sure, Paris herself thought Walmart was a place to get “wall stuff”, but this show will forever be in our fond memories for the uniquely candid moments that only happen when you take two rich girls who never worked a day, out to the countryside–and, for the Juicy Couture tracksuits, aka the cornerstone of 2000s beauty trends. And lip liner. As Nicole put it, “Bless our make-up, our fake lashes and our lip liner.”


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