3 DIY ideas with Fujifilm Instax Camera to make lockdown fun Advertisement

3 DIY ideas with Fujifilm Instax camera to make lockdown fun

It's time to get crafty

By ELLE team  April 22nd, 2020

If lockdown is making your mood rather dull, then here’s your cue: Get started with these DIY projects that’ll make quarantine fun. All you need is your Fujifilm Instax camera.

Create your own visual diet chart


This one is for all the conscious eaters. And if you’re a borderline fussy eater, then even better. Click pictures of all the healthy things that you eat on a daily basis and make a diet chart out of it. Keep this board in your room as a daily reminder to stay on track or use the accessories available with the Instax range to stick it on your fridge. Give a break to your phone tracker and use this colorful DIY project to keep you on track.

Create a food wall


If there’s one thing we’re missing the most right now in this quarantine, it’s food. Whether you’re craving your favorite cheesecake from that patisserie across the street or missing that authentic Chinese takeout, here’s a solution to end your misery. Use the Instax Share SP2 printer to take prints of your favorite food items and put them up on your wall (if your mum doesn’t approve, then fill up your softboard).

Create a recipe book with your favorite dishes


As much as we rely on that Pinterest board to whip up new recipes, there’s something about having a recipe book. And if your chef resume is a 9 on 10, then this can be a great DIY gift for your BFF once we’re out of quarantine. Here’s what you need to do: Click step-by-step pictures, the next time you make a meal and get creative with these images. Turn it into a scrapbook or spiral bind the images into a recipe book. Side note: The images will still be fresh and crisp, when you revisit your recipe book years later.