5 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Basic Work From Home Wardrobe

Last year, the concept of staying in was new, and the idea of working out of sweats was comforting. In 2021, after being out and about (yes, grocery runs do count) and serving looks, it’s difficult to get back to the all-day pyjama memo. More importantly, with everything that’s happening outside, it’s necessary to do little things to create your own bubble of positivity.

For instance, waking up and making your own coffee or getting dressed before you start working makes you feel more in control of your day instead of jumping out of bed and parking straight in front of the screen. Put in a little effort in your everyday outfits, even if it’s for the above-torso video calls. Take the basics from your closet and restyle them in fun and innovative ways. If that’s confusing for you, we’ve got you covered.

Here are five simple ways in which you can amplify your regular work from home looks with silhouettes from your own wardrobe.

1. Oversized Dad Shirt + Tank Top & Jeans 

Image source: @danixmichelle

Created from the most normcore items that everyone owns, this look is the easiest to attain. Pair your simple black/white tank top with your comfiest pair of jeans and borrow an oversized shirt from your dad/brother/significant other’s closet. Bind the look with a beaded necklace or chunky chain to instantly give it that chic upgrade.

2. Flared Dress + Statement Belt 

Image source: @aditiraohydari

Pull out your old cotton Anarkali or tent dress and give it a fusion spin. Whether you own a solid coloured or printed kurti, make sure you opt for the one that has an A-line fit. Team it up with a contrasting coloured belt and a pair of hoops/jhumkas according to the style of your outfit. It’s fuss-free and summer-friendly for you to work through the day.

3. Slip Dress + Cardigan 

Image source: kathleen_barnes

Whoever said slip dresses are for evenings and date nights didn’t really know how to casual it up. It’s an elegant piece in your closet that can be styled in versatile ways. One effortless way of wearing it is by clubbing it with a lightweight cardigan. Not your bulky winter sweaters but the Katie-Holmes-shoulder-baring style. Dig for your slip dress from under the pile and wear it with a similar hued or complementary coloured cardigan. Accessorise it with a simple pearl bracelet or your signature watch.

4. Shirt Dress + Skinny Jeans 

Image source: @shaleenanathani

A crisp white shirt dress with skinny jeans is not your conventional pairing, but it seamlessly works.  You can also replace it with a breezy cotton/linen kurti. Wear your anti-fit breathable white attire with a form-flattering skinny bottom. Jazz it up with abstract dainty earring or the recently popularised pearl barrettes.

5. Printed Skirt + Graphic T-shirt 

Image source: @ananyapanday

Floral printed skirts and sarongs that were specifically reserved for Goa no longer need to be worn just at the beach. Wear your flirty-frilled skirt with your favourite vintage t-shirt, tie it up at the midriff if you feel extra experimental. Give the look a final touch with a bunch of boho-chic jewellery like multi-coloured earrings or funky bangles.

Access your cabinet and build your looks around the strong key pieces you own. Whether it’s an old kurti, summer dress, denim jeans or a transeasonal skirt, have fun with silhouette by adding extra elements to create your pleasant outfit of the day.

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