5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessed With ‘Squid Game’ RN

Netflix‘s Squid Game is on its way to becoming their biggest non-English show ever. In fact, if the current viewership holds, it might even surpass resident favourites like Stranger Things and Bridgerton to become their biggest release EVER. A significant milestone for the South Korean entertainment industry, we believe the accolades pouring in are justified. 

The show is bloody, gory and filled to the brim with edge-of-your-seat twists. The high production value makes it look sleek and sharp; happy colours like crimson, hot pink, and sunshine yellow are a stark contrast to the dark storyline. The episodes always leave on a cliffhanger, making Squid Game one of the most binge-able shows on TV right now. But, nothing holds a candle to the show’s underlying themes that make it much more than just a regular Hunger Games-esque experience. 

But what has gotten viewers so hooked; especially Indian viewers who are connecting with the show on a deeper level? We have a few ideas!

1. Family First


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The most prominent theme of the show is the role your family plays in your life. Koreans are known for being extremely close to their families, a sentiment desis can resonate with. Most of the characters on the show are driven by a need to provide for their family. They rarely show self-interest, which often gets them into sticky situations which could’ve been avoided had they been a little selfish. The familial bonds that the characters have ground them in reality and instantly makes them likeable, even if they are highly flawed.

2. Maintaining Appearances


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College graduates seem to be a big deal in Korean societies; high achievers feel a lot of pressure to maintain their reputation. The characters on the show are willing to participate in a game of death just so they don’t have to declare bankruptcy in an often nosy and judgemental society. This leads to many facing horrific deaths just so they can maintain their ‘clean’ act, a fact that is both incredibly disturbing and extremely sad.

3. Emotional Burnout


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It is challenging to be an empath in a world where there is so much pain and suffering. Especially with the pandemic, many have felt emotional burnout, leading to losing the ability to feel deeply for others around you. Excellently depicted on the show – the characters are subjected to extreme emotional stress, which leaves them numb by the end. The show makes you feel a lot of things, even if the characters have exhausted their own feelings bank.

4. A Fish Out Of Water


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Kudos to the creators for making one of the most original shows with layered characters on TV right now. Anupam Tripathi’s near-perfect portrayal of a foreign worker from Pakistan is winning hearts for a good reason. His character’s struggles to find an ally to trust because of cultural differences rings true for many young adults moving to other countries looking for a better life. The fears and anxieties that come with being an outsider are depicted with a lot of love and care on the show, which is quite an achievement given the show’s grisly undertones.

5. Inequalities In Society


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Themes of misogyny and society’s indifference towards the elderly have been dealt with in a nuanced and intelligent manner. The strong, burly and bullish men often pick on women as a crutch in survival situations. Even though the game itself is designed to give everyone equal opportunity, the doctors and accountants of the show can cut corners and cheat. Squid Game raises a good point in saying that even in an ideal and equal society, the gatekeepers of inequality will find a way to put you down. 

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