Enjoyed watching Goblin, Heirs and Itaewon Class? Here are top 5 underrated K-Dramas to stream next 

Have you demolished every Top-10 Korean dramas list that’s out there? If you’re wondering which K-Drama to obsess over next, now that It’s Okay to be Not Okay is over, we’re here to your rescue. Often, good dramas escape our radar – probably because the actors aren’t popular yet. Or they’re older works of now-famous actors. In any case, we’ve culled five underrated dramas you can stream on Netflix and Viki, and be the real Korean drama fan-girl that you are.

Temperature of Love

A nuanced love triangle between a gourmet chef, a television scriptwriter and a businessman, aided by an excellent supporting cast makes up Temperature of Love. It’s on our list for depicting characters with conflicted emotions, the bromance between the male leads, and veteran actress Lee Mi Sook. A must-watch for its kitchen scenes too, this one will have you craving for Seolleongtang (ox-bone soup, a Korean speciality).

Starring: Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Jae Wook and Yang Se Jong  

Watch on Netflix and Rakuten Viki

Something in the Rain

Heavy on emotion and dialogues, SITR breaks a few social taboos without being preachy at any point. A woman in her 30s falls in love with a 20-something childhood friend, and the story takes off from there. Balancing the tense atmosphere are cute moments of fun shared by the pair, and we love the chemistry between the actors here. Son Ye Jin shines through this one, which was her comeback to television after five years. If you loved her in Crash Landing On You, this is an absolute must-watch.

Starring: Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In  

Watch on Netflix.

Fight For My Way

One of our favourites, FFMY is an adorable comedy set around chasing your passion while facing a quarter-life crisis. It’s also a slowly-unravelling love story, and you can’t help but root for their success. Popular actor Park Seo Joon, takes a break from his suave businessman roles, and refreshingly plays an RFC martial arts athlete in this drama. Stream this lighthearted watch, perhaps between the above dramas? 

Starring: Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

Watch on Netflix and Rakuten Viki.

A Piece of Your Mind

This one’s a beautifully slow-paced love story between a studio recording engineer and an AI firm owner. The pace mirrors the dilemma of the actors’ minds, and the story employs futuristic AI technology in the most interesting way. Unlike most dramas, it’s not too plot-driven, relying instead on long casual conversations between characters. Parts of it are set in a stormy Norway, and if nothing else, this one deserves to be watched for its cinematography.   

Starring: Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In

Watch on Rakuten Viki.

Her Private Life 

We get an insight into the unusual world of real ‘fan-girling’, Korean style. The lead is an ‘idol fan-girl,’ which is almost a second profession to her (a stark contrast from her real career as an art museum curator). It’s fascinating to Indian viewers to see how she alters her life to fit in the fan-girling. Complementing the lighthearted moments is the storyline involving amnesia and adoption. Yes, it’s quite a plot!

Starring: Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook

Watch on Netflix and Rakuten Viki.

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