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5 Simple Ways To Help Our Furry Friends During The Pandemic

Every small step counts

By Isha Mayer  May 1st, 2021

Every day the news is filled with people asking for help, and we’re glad to see that so many are actually coming forward to do their bit. If you or someone you know needs help with any resources, you can take a look at our ELLE Covid Resource guide here. 

While people are helping each other during these trying times, there are other living beings that also need help- hungry strays, abandoned pets and injured animals. They don’t get affected by the virus, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Volunteers from animal welfare organisations have been doing their best to find them a home. And you too can help with small steps. Whether you want to adopt a pet or increase awareness about animal care, here are simple ways of helping our furry friends, especially during these unforeseen times. Here are some resources and tips that are helpful for you to contribute.

1. Reach Out To Adoption And Shelter Centres  

If you have space and the bandwidth to take care of a pet during this time, please go ahead and adopt or foster. It doesn’t cost a penny to adopt animals, and the satisfaction and happiness you get while taking care of a pet is unmeasurable. Similarly, if you see an injured or abandoned pet, don’t walk away. Reach out to an animal care and shelter NGO that can come and take care of them. Here are some centres across India that you can get in touch with:

BSPCA (Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals): +91-22-24137518, 022-24135285 | 2413543

World For All: 9820001506/9820191321 (to adopt a pup), 9820001506 (to adopt a kitten)

Animals Matter To Me NGO: 9967795660 

Charity Birds Hospital: +91 11 47243215 (24x7 Number)

People For Animals: + 91 - 11 23719293/94, 23357088, + 91 - 11 - 23354321

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre - SGAAC: 011-25447751 / 25448062

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre - CARE: 9483911110 / 9035999372

CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action): +91 80 22947317

Animal Aid Unlimited, Udaipur: 9829843726 / 9602325253 / 9784005989 (to report an injured animal)

Help In Suffering, Jaipur: +91-8107299711 +91141-2760012

Blue Cross of India: +91-44-46274999 / +91-44-71819575

The Canine Help: DM on Instagram here.

Stand For Strays: DM on Instagram here.

2. Donate Money And Essential Supplies 

Donations always help animal welfare services to do their bit. So providing financial aid and food and medical supplies makes a big difference, even more so if the people who own shelter and adoption centres get infected and run out of amenities.

3. Feed Innocent Strays

If there are stray dogs or cats in your building or neighbourhood, offer them some meals so that they don’t die of hunger.

4. Contact Pet Boarding Centres

If you know a pet owner who’s affected with COVID-19 and cannot take care of their pet while quarantining, there are a lot of pet boarding centres who are coming forward to help and take care of your pet till their owner recover. Here are some centres you can get in touch with:


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Furry Tales Dog Creche, Kolkata: +91 9830435558

5. Spread Awareness With The Help Of Social Media

In the last year, we have seen the power of social media more than ever. If you see adoption alerts, share them with your friends and family, and your social media account and end encourage others to do the same. One small act can actually help an innocent being.