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5 ways to help others during the Covid-19 pandemic

When everything is chaotic, do your bit to be kind

By Ankita Maneck  March 19th, 2020

As we do our best to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve quarantined ourselves at home, we’ve stocked up on groceries, and we’re washing our hands for more than 20 seconds.


As we try our best to be more productive in our work from home situation (it’s really hard not to keep looking at Instagram, or eat Nutella directly from the jar), we can also do our little bit for the more susceptible and vulnerable around us.

Here’s how:

Make sure you pay your taxi/auto driver a little extra

Since everyone is staying at home, business is slow, no one has to go from point A to point B. If you are stepping out for something urgent and you’re using a taxi service or catching an auto, consider tipping them a little extra, so that they can sustain themselves at a time when the usually busy city roads bare a post-apocalyptic deserted look.

Tip the person delivering groceries/food to your house generously
Employees in this sector don’t have an option of working remotely—and they’re taking a huge health risk to get you your food/groceries packages on time. It’s also the beginning of summer in the country and incredibly hot, so leaving them a generous tip would be great!

It’s okay to pay your househelp even if they’re not coming to work right now
These are the people whose salaries depend on you, and they can’t afford to work remotely. If you are getting your monthly pay check working from your couch, it’s okay to let your help feel secure about their salary too.

Help the seniors in your neighbourhood stockup on essentials

You’re all set to combat weeks of isolation, that’s great. If you have some free time and energy, offer to run errands for your elederly neighbours, buy groceries, or do simple things around the house if they don’t have any help.

Support local businesses

If you have a friend or know a local business that’s needed to shut because of the Covid-19 outbreak, then try and support their business in any small way you can. If it’s a friend running a small clothing store, buy a gift card for buying something later. If it’s your local kirana wala, try and buy your essentials from them rather than a chain of big departmental stores.