This Café Lets You Escape The Noise Of The City With Its Idyllic Setting

Nestled in the interiors of Saket, New Delhi, Altogether Experimental Café is a quaint spot that has mastered warm hospitality and ambrosial meals. Popularly known as A.T.E, the café comes across as a craft coffee bar, scratch kitchen and a modern patisserie all at once. With a setting that is equal parts idyllic and vibrant, Altogether Experimental Café boasts of tastefully muted colours, comfy fabrics and an expansive menu.

Altogether Experimental Café

The café combines a careful curation of seasonal produce with an array of delectable flavours that radiates only one thing—staying true to its name, it is avant-garde in all its right. “Although we love our classics, A.T.E still maintains that you should expect the unexpected. We try our best to satisfy your palate by dishes prepared using in-season and locally sourced ingredients. While the dessert offerings might seem a little daunting, we are convinced that one wouldn’t get similar tasting cakes, petite gateaux and sweet nibbles anywhere else,” shares Anukriti Anand and Vicky Mandal, Founders of Altogether Experimental Café.

Altogether Experimental Café

Best part? The café runs an all-women, minimal waste kitchen and bar, ensuring that everything in the café is repurposed to be used in another dish, drink or utility. The packaging used for delivery and takeaways is made from biodegradable and compostable material that helps control its carbon footprint on the planet.

Altogether Experimental Café

The café is a collaborative arena put together by like-minded industry enthusiasts, creative pâtissiers, baristas and culinary artists. And here’s exactly what you can expect: contemporary flavours, sustainable architecture and large, open spaces in a new-fangled fashion.

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