Anisha Singh, Founder of She Capital, on the tech that keeps her life in sync Advertisement

Anisha Singh, Founder of She Capital, on the tech that keeps her life in sync

Tech that can save your life

By ELLE team  April 23rd, 2020

Anisha Singh, Founder of the merchant marketing platform, She Capital, shares her tech hacks that keep her life on track. Here are the nifty apps on her phone:

Google Maps: It’s a great way to plan meetings, especially since I’m always juggling multiple commitments.

Starbucks App: I love my coffee and this is a convenient hack to save a lot of precious time during billing.

Amazon: I depend on it for everything—from groceries to last-minute birthday gifts as I balance work and home.

Jillian: I travel a lot so working out is a challenge. This app ensures I stay in shape no matter where I am.

Youtube and Spotify: I play the saxophone and love that both these apps have the best sax lounge music.

Tech essentials Anisha Singh can’t live without:

The Kindle:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I catch up on my reading on flights. I have to access content across India and the US, for a diverse reading list.



I’m an Apple fan by habit and have been an early adopter of the iPhone. I use the iPhone 11 now.

The wireless battery pack

Wireless Battery Pack

As someone who is always on the go, a wireless battery pack is an absolute essential.

Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Punctuality is something that’s ingrained me, thanks to my father. I like sticking to timelines.

Phone case battery pack

Phone case battery

It’s a smart gadget that helps retain battery life between meetings.