The best Valentine’s Day gifts that will put their exes to shame

Though most of us would prefer to swipe left when it comes to Valentine’s Day (dating is stressful enough), for those in a relationship, the holiday isn’t the easiest thing to avoid. And we don’t just mean because stores and restaurants are decorated in glittery hearts and pink balloons.

For some reason, February 14 has come to be equated with giant teddy bears and flower bouquets the size of a small house. And while we find presents to not even be a total necessity (Hello! Cook dinner! Watch a movie!), if you are going to dive head-first into the world of gifting, we’re leaning towards the practical. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our many years of dating (and shopping), it’s that most men aren’t too tricky to shop for—they just want something they actually need. This year, skip the stress, and instead take our advice: keep it simple, keep it cool, keep it fun—and use these options ahead as your no-fail guide to the best gifts for him.


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