#NationalBeverageDay: Here’s What Your Favourite Drink Says About You Advertisement

#NationalBeverageDay: Here’s What Your Favourite Drink Says About You

Sip, introspect, repeat

By Gargi Agrawal  May 6th, 2021

What unites us all is the fact that we’ve found common ground for enjoying our favourite beverage. But what divides us is the concoction in that cup or glass. Whether you have a penchant for a bubbly glass of white wine or like to savour fresh OJ, agree or not, but you’re defensive about your drink. Yeah, let’s not even get started with the rivalry between tea lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Humour and fights aside, they say your drink is a direct and, might we say, apt reflection of your personality.

And in case you’ve found yourself in a puzzle of gathering adjectives to describe your persona, then fret not. Ahead, we bring you a 100% fictional analysis of what your favourite beverage says about you.

Black Coffee


Hot or iced, you are desperate to want this caffeine hit, and you want it quick. The probabilities of you snapping at a passerby for no reason is at an all-time high until you have this drink in your system. No complex processes, no dilution—you’re direct and come straight to the point in conversations. You don’t fancy flinging around your drink like others for hours because you won’t feel human and fully functional until you’ve finished it. Ambitious, driven and strong are your words, but friends would prefer ‘caution’ taped around you as a statutory warning when you’re not caffeinated.



If you’re an avid wine drinker, then the chances are that your threshold to handle nonsense hits the roof. Unlike other drinkers who prefer chugging down their drinks, you are patient enough to savour every sip and *really* enjoy the bitterness. Seems like you’ve had enough in life, and this easily refillable drink is your biggest confidant. Sophistication runs in your blood when at a social gathering, but you’d rather be home in PJs on your couch while sipping this delicious creation. You are not afraid to post aesthetically pleasing pictures of your red buddy with the cliché tag: #WineAndWhine.

Green Tea

This is your go-to beverage when that last slice of pizza sends waves of guilt through your body. And while your entire face may crinkle at every sip, you force yourself to push it down for your own goodwill. Green tea drinkers are advocates of a conscious lifestyle, almost luring in every friend to give into it. You are patient most of the times, but when you’re not, this tea is your knight in shining armour to help you gain your composure.


One can find a true whiskey drinker in extremes. Either you are sitting alone in a dark, gloomy corner or are caught having deep conversations with your best pals. There’s a certain perfection, allure attached to you when you enter a room. If you enjoy this drink as it is, then the chances are that you tend to be quiet, observant and you like it that way. You know exactly when to call it quits socially and professionally, because well—you don’t mess or play with whiskey.

Vodka Cranberry

The drinkers of this concoction are a wild, fun group but ones to look out for as well. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing songs from an era nobody remembers while your friend drives you home at 2 AM. Your life goal? Adventure and fun. Vodka Cranberry lovers are not afraid to throw themselves in a crowd, mingle with strangers and be their erratic best.


Drinking chai for you is a sensory experience than just a need or want. Just like the cosiness of your cup filled with frothy milk, sugar and freshly brewed tea—you’re warm, friendly and laid-back. Your eyes light up when cups of chai are served while you’re spending time with family. And let’s say that it is easy for you to get sensitive when met with debates about which beverage is the best.


Cosmo drinkers are social butterflies, trendy and secretly want to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw with this pretty drink in their hands. It is highly likely that you have won a beauty or fashion pageant of sorts once in your childhood or teenage years. And if time worked in your favour, you would make brunching a lifestyle instead of a small event.



Let’s get straight to the point. You’re Miss Fancy. Life is a grand celebration for you, and every day needs to be celebrated with this bubbly. You have very expensive tastes (we’re talking everything from fashion to food), and you have the ability to express yourself rather eloquently. When in social gatherings, you tend to whirl your hands in the air while giving strong answers in a room full of people.

Which drink is your favourite?

Photographs: Instagram, Unsplash, Pinterest