Elevate Your Everyday Coffee With These Instant Additions At Home

Let’s get it out there: some of us would rather switch water for gallons of coffee. And while the former statement may irk tea enthusiasts, one cannot ignore the pleasing aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Being a self-proclaimed coffee nerd comes with its own pros and cons. The worst being judging someone by how they take their coffee. Three sugar cubes, frothy milk with an extra splash of whipped cream? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Now, if you’re a true coffee aficionado who drinks the beverage like your soul (strong, dark and bitter), then hear us out. We know your brew is plain, simple, and it works. But what if you could enhance the taste for an upgraded experience? Ahead, we’re bringing you every understated yet worthy ingredient, which deserves an entry in your early morning cups.



Love dark chocolate with that sea salt touch? Line up your coffee cups next. A pinch of salt in your coffee will suppress its bitterness and that particular ‘sharp’ taste. Salt in your fresh brew helps to round up its taste and brings out the inherent sweetness of the ground coffee beans.

Vanilla Extract

Next time you feel like indulging in a vanilla latte, do not hit up your next-door barista. Instead, reach out directly to the source of your drink—vanilla extract. Adding two to three drops of some rich, decadent vanilla will amp up your coffee in no time (and you might never want to go back to your old ways of sipping the brew).

Coconut Milk


All my fellow lactose intolerant friends, rejoice. Who said you couldn’t give in to the simple pleasure of enjoying a creamy coffee cup? The next time you’re out on a grocery run, check out with a carton of coconut milk. Highly understated, it will add that sweetness and creaminess that your cup lacks with a subdued but noticeable nuttiness.



Christmas might be over, but holiday treats have your back year long. Adding a dash of cinnamon to your coffee will add just the right spice to the beverage. The best part? One single cup will remind you of fuzzy socks, dreamy fairy lights and, let’s not forget, holiday music. Yes, indulge at your own risk.



Channel your inner barista, go ahead and make an affogato at home. For the unfamiliar, an affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over the top. We suggest reversing the process. Add a scoop of creamy goodness to your brewing cup of coffee for an experience like never before. We promise it’ll take you two minutes to prepare and seconds to devour it.

Orange Zest


For a refreshing upgrade, consider being BFFs with your citrusy pal. Whether you’re more of a purist, or whimsy when it comes to drinking coffee, go ahead and grate some orange zest in your cup. The citrusy juice cuts through the pungent aftertaste of coffee, turning it into the summer beverage of your dreams.

Photographs: Unsplash, Instagram

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