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How to style boot-cut pants like your favourite celebrities

It's time to bid adieu to skinny fits

By Nishtha Bhalla  October 28th, 2020

The ’70s were a great time for fashion – tie-dye shirts, flowy maxi dresses, retro tint glasses, thigh-high boots and more. While the bygone era has inspired today’s fashion scene, we’re hooked onto one trend: boot-cut pants. The look was featured in everything: from movies, TV shows to music videos. And in the spirit of reviving things that were put to rest, it’s time for us to breathe a sigh of relief and here’s why:

Goodbye skinny jeans, hello boot-cuts.

For Spring-Summer 2020 collection, fashion houses like Céline and Paco Rabanne included the silhouette in their looks, and you know what that means. Boot-cuts and bell bottoms are in. But as easy as it looks on the runway, we know how difficult it is to cop the look. But don’t you worry because we’ve got you.

Swipe through for celebrity-inspired looks that will help you make the silhouette your own:

Bell bottoms
Take cues from PeeCee and wear printed boot-cut pants to really embrace the '70s vibe. Pair it with a black tank-top and dainty, minimal gold jewellery for a more minimal look.
Bell Bottoms
Wearing metallic, flared pants with complementary accessories? Yes please. Trust the Hadid sisters to help you cop this look: opt for berets to tone it down or amp it up with a pop of colour.
bell bottoms
Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's look is proof that boot-cuts aren't just meant for a casual look but it works for business too. Wearing a pantsuit with boot-cuts is the best way to look great while embracing your inner boss-lady. Our say: elevate your formal boot-cut pants with neutral pumps.
bell bottoms
Let Sonakshi Sinha show you that a flared cape paired with flared pants can go together. Go for minimal, silver accessories and a black corset to break the ice.
The all-black look never gets old, but add boot-cut pants to the mix and you're all set to make a statement. Let Alia Bhatt show you how to wear boot-cut pants with a slit, to make the look even more exciting.
Bell bottoms
And of course, how could we forget the classic boot-cut jeans? You'll never go wrong with classic white-tee paired with blue jeans and Miley Cyrus' look is evidence.

Photographs: Instagram