10 Brands Honouring Pride Month 2021

The month of June brings about a wave of change and colour as millions around the world come together to support the queer community. While this time around streets won’t be filled with rainbow flags whirling in the air, it doesn’t mean the conversation stops. To lend their support for equal representation, brands from across the world have come together for the LGBTQIA+ community.

From sportswear giant Reebok dropping pride flag emblazoned kicks to Balenciaga’s straightforward capsule collection, here’s how brands are celebrating pride this year.

1. Lego


Representation for LGBTQIA+ has reached the kids and we’re here for it. Lego has unveiled its ‘Everyone Is Awesome’ set that aims to celebrate diversity by featuring 11 mini-figures, all with their unique looks. The 346-piece set includes each figure with its own colour from the pride flag, while the brown and black colours represent the broad diversity within the queer community.

Available online

2. Converse


The iconic footwear retailer has been an ardent supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community since 2015. For its 6th annual pride collection this year, Converse has launched a capsule collection featuring graphically driven sneakers, tees and for the first time ever, slip-ons. With this launch, the brand aims to ‘explore the duality of struggle and joy along the path to self-love.’

Available online

3. Apple

To represent the breadth of LGBTQIA+ communities and their experiences, Apple has launched customised straps for Apple Watches which are inspired heavily by the pride flag. Both the strap of the watch and the watch face feature multicolours as a symbol of showing solidarity and support.

Available online

4. Levis


With a collection titled ‘All Pronouns. All Love,’ this year Levis is drawing the spotlight on stories of big love, understanding and optimism. The unisex line features a modern interpretation of the brand’s classic pieces such as the denim trucker jacket, canvas jumpsuits and more. Encouraging empathy, inclusivity and underscoring the importance of learning and respecting proper pronoun usage is at the heart of this colourful launch this year.

Available online, and in stores 

5. Balenciaga

In lieu of thought-provoking designs, the creative director of the luxury fashion house Demna Gvasalia is inclined towards a more clear, direct approach. To honour Balenciaga’s longstanding support for the queer community, the brand has unveiled a capsule collection featuring baseball caps, hoodies, shirts and more. If you’re looking to make a social statement in the simplest manner, this collection is for you.

Available online and in select stores worldwide

6. Vans


Centred around the ‘spirit of creative self-expression,’ cult favourite brand Vans is showing equal representation for the LGBTQIA+ community. By reimagining the classic checkerboard pattern in multiple colours to incorporating patchwork-style materials on sneakers, Vans is all in for support with unparalleled style and edge.

Available online

7. Bath and Body Works

With the release of its new ‘Love Always Wins’ collection, Bath and Body Works’ 10-piece line feels like summer. The fresh, citrus scent is present in everything from shower gels, whipped body butter, three-wick candles, foaming hand soaps, single-wick candles, and more.

Available online and in stores

8. Teva


Lending its renowned sandal styles a rainbow-themed twist, Teva is inspiring freedom and expressing individuality with its gender-neutral pride collection. From the original Teva sandals to a more elevated, platform heel, the collection will make you stride with pride, literally.

Available online

9. Guess

Guess Watches has designed a rainbow-themed timepiece collection which is inclusive of five colourful watches, emblematic of a tribute to the pride flag. The capsule line titled #WornWithPride aims to celebrate and empower social acceptance for the queer community across the globe.

Available online

10. Reebok

Sportswear giant Reebok is paying homage to the underground ballroom culture of New York (which involves men performing drag) with a collection that extends support for the queer community. From workout tanks, sneakers, biker shorts to hoodies, the brand is honouring the rainbow accents in the quintessential Reebok way.

Available online

Photographs: Instagram, Pinterest

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