A Beginner’s Guide To Dressing Like A New Yorker

Everyone has their perception of New York. Mine was moulded by classic romcoms set in the Big Apple. And when you’ve exposed yourself to content like The Devil Wears Prada, you realise that New Yorkers have a close affinity for one thing—black. Whether it’s an oversized overcoat or thigh-high boots, the colour is a holy grail of sorts in every New Yorker’s stylebook. But here’s the thing—if you dig deeper and see beneath the surface, you’ll find a few sartorial nuances.

While black is the new black for most natives, their style is far more effortless and easier to emulate. From relying heavily on statement pieces to elevating wardrobe staples, it’s more about styling than harbouring an overflowing closet. Want to look like a New York gal in your city? Here’s your guide to dressing the part:

Keep It Simple

You could literally throw on a basic tee, ripped denim and white trainers to look like a New Yorker. But the key to really blend in is to add a long, oversized overcoat. Trust us, make the piece your best friend for whenever strutting down the streets.

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Handbag Is A must

One thing all New York natives share in common is their commitment to handbags. Whether or not you have something to throw in, flinging it around is a must. Invest in a classic handbag that will do all the talking for you. Need inspiration? Check this out.


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Add A Statement Piece

For days when you’re feeling a little extra, add a pop to your simple look. Whether it’s a pair of red Mary Jane shoes or an extravagant tulle skirt, we say go for it. Takes cues from our favourite NYC IT girls.

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Stock Up On Iconic Eyewear

The weather may be a deterrent to the practicality of donning a pair of sunglasses. But when channelling your inner Carrie Bradshaw, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the forecast on your weather app, always, we emphasise, always wear statement sunglasses. Not only will they complete that classic New York look, but also help you avoid eye contact (you know you want that too).

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Embrace All-Black

New Yorkers are notoriously popular for dressing black, head to toe. And if you want to subtly scream ‘I live here!’ without saying anything, then pile up on black. Here’s a hack to looking modish effortlessly: play with different textures and add a contrasting element to break the monotony.


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