Canadian actor Ajay Friese is set to be the new darling of indie features

WHO:  Ajay Friese

WHAT:  Actor and musician

WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW HIM:  For his acclaimed debut in indie film Riot Girls, and for portraying the role of Vijay Dhar in the Netflix Original Series Lost in Space, and appearing in the popular murder-mystery soap Riverdale.

LOOKS UP TO:  “Shia LaBeouf, Meryl Streep, Dev Patel, and I also really like Parker Posey from Lost In Space. I’m currently reading her memoir called “You’re on an Airplane.” 

HE ALWAYS SAY ‘YES’ TO:  “Samosas.” 

WHAT’S NEXT:  “My first solo album, which is produced by Bon Jovi member Everett Bradley. I am also set to be the lead in a thriller movie called Coming Soon, which is in pre-production.”

Featured photographs: Hendrik van der May, Isabella Mackenzie


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