In Honour Of The Sex And The City Reboot, We Rounded Up Our Favourite Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Advertisement

In Honour Of The Sex And The City Reboot, We Rounded Up Our Favourite Carrie Bradshaw Outfits

Because let's be real, there were a lot

By Nishtha Bhalla  January 12th, 2021

Sex And The City fanatics – if you’ve been missing Carrie’s musings about love and life, and if your daily routine just isn’t the same without a dose of sex-addled, scandalous TV show that, I’ll begrudgingly admit, gets poignant at times, you’re in for a treat. ICYMI, HBO announced that Sex And The City is getting a 2021 twist, and will be back on your silver screens soon. But it’s not all good news. While Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis are reprising their original roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York Goldenblatt respectively, the one person missing from the reboot is the fabulous Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall.


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And while we’re super stoked for the new series, titled ‘And Just Like That…’, the one thing we’re still not over is Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits from the original SATC. After all, every single ensemble she put together looked like it was straight off the runway – and SATC is perhaps one of the most fashionable TV shows ever, courtesy of the outfits. I can’t imagine anyone watching the show, and not wanting to steal Carrie’s closet. If you feel the same way, swipe on below to see our favourite Carrie Bradshaw outfits:

One of the most talked about outfits from SATC has to be Carrie's newspaper-print dress. The slinky dress from the John Galliano-era Dior collection quickly became a fan favourite, and other designers jumped on the newspaper-print trend as well.
Anyone can recognise Carrie Bradshaw’s signature tutu from the opening credits of Sex And The City, which has arguably become the most iconic look from the show – after all, it's the first time we saw a Carrie outfit in its full glory. Also, fun fact: The tutu skirt was actually thrifted, and the costume designer bought the skirt for around 500 rupees! If only we were this lucky.
Carrie Bradshaw outfits 2
If there's anyone who aces print-on-print, it's definitely Carrie – and the one trick we can learn from her is, don't be afraid to experiment. (No matter how wacky it may look in the first go!)
Carrie Bradshaw outfits 1
Carrie's outfits truly were as versatile as her character. Just as we thought she was settling into one vibe, she surprised us with an outfit like this one. We're loving the sneak-peak bralette through the sleeves of the loose, white camisole and the cropped jorts, complete with the headscarf. We're definitely saving this lewk for the summer.
Carrie Bradshaw outfits 3
While we have a lot to be annoyed about with Carrie's stint in Paris, the outfits she wore isn't on the list. The ruched, velvet top with navy shorts, an overcoat, and a golf-hat is one of our personal faves.
Carrie Bradshaw outfits 4
Anyone who said 'You are what you eat', clearly missed the memo about 'You wear what you eat'. Carrie Bradshaw's watermelon dress is just proof that when you combine two passions – food and fashion – together, you'll create something magical.
Carrie Bradshaw outfits 5
This white-and-pink Thomas Short suit worn by Carrie Bradshaw quickly became a fan favourite from the series as well. The part we can't stop raving about though? Her oversized, cylindrical bag. While our laptops may not fit inside one, we're still flocking to online stores to cop one.
If you haven't seen this outfit from the second movie, chances are you've been living under a rock. Another staple of John Galliano's time at Dior, Carrie Bradshaw sported one of the designer's famous 'J'adore Dior' tops, which made a statement of its own. And that's not even talking about the layered skirt.
We've already established that no one busts the 'print-on-print doesn't work' myth quite like Carrie Bradshaw. But this outfit particularly caught our attention, for the brightly coloured tops, the godet skirt with a tulle lining, and the oversized (faux, we hope) fur coat.
If you thought making a style statement while walking your dog (or in this case, Aiden's dog) was unrealistic, think again. Let Carrie show you how it's done – with a black, pinstriped blazer, pinstriped Capri pants, and a contrasting, pinstriped camisole.
We just had to include this outfit, since this is embodies all of our moods right now – sitting in a silk, floral robe while stressfully staring at our laptop.

Which outfit was your favourite? Also, how does anyone afford these masterpieces with a writer’s salary? Asking for a friend.