Chinese Grandmas Were The Unexpected Fashion Icons Of 2020 And These Looks Are Proof Advertisement

Chinese Grandmas Were The Unexpected Fashion Icons Of 2020 And These Looks Are Proof


By Nishtha Bhalla  December 3rd, 2020

Whether it’s the tie-dye outfits taking over our feed, or the revival of the dress over pants trend, we are in the midst of unexpected fashion trends. The latest source of fashion inspiration that’s taken over the internet comes from perhaps the most unique source of them all – Chinese grandmas. A surprise, we know! When you think of the stereotypical image of grandmas, your first thought is probably a lady knitting by a fire, not a street style inspiration. Well, these Chinese grandmothers are proving you wrong.

First discovered in the Chinatown neighbourhood of New York by Instagram account @chinatownpretty (who has also written a book about this, BTW!), Chinese grandmas have taken over our Instagram feeds the same way banana bread took over our lives when the pandemic first started. And what’s not to love?! With an eclectic amalgamation of different patterns, textures and colours, combined with timeless, iconic pieces and heirloom accessories we’re definitely secretly coveting, the women’s sartorial sensibilities are second to none.


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With looks that don’t only scream chic, but also showcase street style at its finest, along with practicality, functionality and sustainability, we could all do with a lesson on how to cop their flawless looks. So swipe on below, take notes, and let these Chinese grandmas show you how it’s done:

Chinese grandmas fashion 1
Multi-patterned outfits can be daunting to pull off, but this 84 year old knows how it's done. Pairing a floral patterned blazer with a silk scarf, a striped turtleneck, and dotted pants isn't easy – but she does it in style.
Chinese grandmas fashion 2
Puffer jackets are a streetwear staple, and this 87 year old is teaching us how to pull it off like a pro. Our favourite part of the outfit, though? Her combat boots.
Chinese grandmas fashion 3
Ribbed textures, pastel colour palette and an androgynous silhouette with sharp cuts – we're definitely bookmarking this 94-year old's look to solve all our WFH woes.
Chinese grandmas fashion 4
Featuring 2020 favourite, the bucket hat, along with a bright, practical raincoat, and a calico dress over joggers, this ensemble is equal parts fashion and functionality.
Let this look be proof that the best way to pair abstract prints, is by adding more prints. Wearing an heirloom jade necklace, an organza neck scarf and Crocs to top off the outfit, this grandma manages to look effortlessly stylish, while also busting the 'print on print doesn't work' myth.
The key to good dressing is getting the textures right, and this grandma does it with a panache of her own, by combing a wool overcoat with a printed, quilted jacket, and chiffon pants. We love to see it.

Photographs: Instagram